Share Peace, Hope and Love This Christmas

This is a special message on Christmas Ever to thank you for the support you have given the promotions we have run on Book Hub this year. I hope we have been able to help grow your mailing lists, and given your book marketing a boost.

I hope 2018 proves to be happy, rewarding and prosperous for you and your family.

May you have ...

The spirit of Christmas which is Peace

The gladness of Christmas which is Hope

And the heart of Christmas which is Love

So, let's all share Peace, Hope and Love This Christmas!

What's Going on in 2018

Everyone here at Book Hub hopes you had a great Christmas and are looiking forward to a brilliant New Year. So why not take a look at our first offers for 2018 which kick off in February with a special offer for Romance Authors in time for Valentine's Day. 

Meanwhile, keep a look out for more seasonal cross promotions throughout the year in our Monthly Promotions.

We also still have our advertising led Sci-Fi and Mystery promotions!

Festive Christmas News

This is a special Christmas newsletter. Firstly, to thank you for supporting our authors over the past year. We really appreciate it when you download the books we tell you about, grab the freebies on offer, enter our book giveaways and post reviews on our authors books. We have so much more in store for you next year, so we hope you'll be keen to open our emails with all sorts of book surprises in 2018.

Genres to Light a Fire in Kids

Inspiring kids imaginations and getting them to desire reading is a hard task in a world where video games are so accessible and data can be consumed in short formats on the internet.  Not to mention television.  There’s lots of genres that will excite new readers, so try these first to light a fire in your kids’ minds.

Young Adult


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