The Grotto's Secret by Paula Wynne

2017 Author Cross Promotions

£20 Genre Book Giveaways (Author Cross Promotion)

If you are new to the concept of author cross promotions please read this post on The Author's Cross Promotion Guide to find out why, how and where to use cross promotion in your book marketing campaigns. Or find out how I (Paula Wynne) became a bestselling author through cross promoting with other authors.

Previous Success:
June Promo ~ participating authors received 1200 subscribers from competition entries
July Promo ~ participating authors received 1700 subscribers from competition entries
October Promo ~ participating authors received a whopping 2057 subscribers from competition entries

Benefit to Authors: Super-fast mailing list growth! Find out what kind of results other authors' have had on the link below.

1st February ~ Thriller Book Bundle
1st February ~ Historical Fiction Book Bundle
Apply To Join The Historical Fiction Book Bundle Giveaway Promotion
More Genre Book Bundles
We have been asked to run a promo for Action Adventure, Fantasy, Romance and a few other genres such as Sci-Fi and Dystopian Fiction. If this is your genre and you'd like to be involved, please book on the link below and state your genre. As soon as we have enough authors we will run the promo for you and with you. We will also run a non-fiction promotion with a bundle of non-fiction books if you want to join that cross promotion too.

£15 Reader Magnet (Author Cross Promotion)

Authors can offer their free books (also called Reader Magnets) to get readers to subscribe to their mailing list in order to download the free book. All authors signing up send details of the 'Free Books' to their mailing lists via their monthly newsletter.

Benefit to Authors: Discover new readers from the combined impact of all the authors mailing the promotion details to their mailing lists. An ideal way to capture new leads and grow your mailing list! Find out what kind of results other authors' have had on the link below.
Apply To Join A Reader Magnet Free Book Promotion
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