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Newsletter Swap Suggestions

We have set up our Newsletter Swap Suggestions Service to help you find new readers by working together with other authors in your genre. Readers get more choice. Authors get more sales!

newsletter swaps helps authors find new readers and grow their reader mailing lists

What's A Newsletter Swap?

Newsletter swaps are where you and other authors agree to swap a space or a slot in your respective newsletters to promote each other's books to your respective readers. This has the advantage of bringing new books to the attention of the readers of each author. Each author benefits from book sales and mailing list subscribers from these new readers.

If you don't want to join our Newsletter Swap Suggestions service, you may want to try swapping with authors in our Newsletter Swap and Share group on Facebook

How Our Newsletter Swaps Work

When this service launches (16th January) , all you have to do is login and look at the list of authors listed in your Author Dashboard (which is where you land when you login to Book Hub). Then, select the authors who write in a genre or other genres that you want to promote your books to, contact them (contact details are provided) and start swapping newsletter slots with them to promote each others books to new readers of your selected genres!

When you sign up for this service (available from 16th January), you will be given the following information on the newsletter swap suggestions in your Author Dashboard.

  • Author's name
  • Their genres
  • Their profile link
  • Their amount of mailing list subscribers (some authors will only swap with similar subscriber numbers)
  • The Author's contact link
  • You may want to click 'send yourself a copy' to keep a record of which authors you have contacted

If you haven't joined Book Hub yet, do it now so you can be included in this exciting new service for authors!

Newsletter Swap Suggestions

It's here! Book Hub has just launched a Newsletter Swap Suggestions service for authors. Find out more about this exciting new book marketing service for authors in our Gold Membership book marketing program for authors.



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