A Paranormal Cosy Mystery Exclusive Giveaway

Book Hub is giving away free copies of Jordaina's Beyond Dead

If you love reading mystery and paranormal tales, especially spooky ones about ghosts and murder, with lots of hauntings, you'll love this exclusive giveaway by Jordaina Robinson!

Book Hub is giving away free copies of Jordaina's Beyond Dead.

Ghosts, murders and mayhem. Oh my!

Have you ever lost your keys? Misplaced your phone? You have, right? But what if you hadn’t just misplaced them? What if you were being haunted?

Well, that’s Bridget Sway’s assigned job. The solving of ghost murders she just does on the side!

Jordaina is giving away the first book in the Bridget Sway series in return for you 'Sharing The Book Love' by giving her an honest review of the book.

Everyone who downloads the book will be automatically entered into a prize drawer to win all four books in the series! Cool, right?

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