Benefits of Lots of Book Reviews

Benefits of Lots of Book Reviews

One of the most important things an author can do for their book is to get reviews. It helps readers to discover new authors and their books.

Benefits of Lots of Book Reviews

  1. Indie Authors who make it to the best-sellers list focus on launching their book with at least five professionally written reviews.
  2. Reviews help a book’s ranking on Amazon. 
  3. Reviews boost  book sales.
  4. It is said that books with more than 20 positive reviews on Amazon will be automatically recommended to others browsing through the same category of your book.
  5. Likewise, if your book has more than 50 positive reviews, Amazon would list the title in its daily newsletter and recommend it to new readers who just completed a similar read.

Manual Task

To get reviews I started with a manual task. I found Amazon's list of top reviewers. Like I did, you can write to them and ask them to review your book via the email address that they provide you on their profile page. That's if they publicly show an email!
I found this to be a huge time hoover and so I put my time into building my own list. Hang on, I'll tell you about this in a mo.

How to Approach Book Reviewers

 When you have found the book reviewers, email them and propose your book to them for free in exchange for their honest review.

  1. Do this at least a month or more in advance. Reviewers may be reading angels, but they're also human and they have families and pets and parents and busy lives so you need to give them plenty of time to read and review your book.
  2. Remember to only approach a reviewer that would be interested in your book's genre, because someone who is not a fan of your genre may consider your approach to be rude, or worse, give your book a bad review because they simply don't like reading about romance or killing or horror or whatever genre you write in.
  3. Give the reviewer a time frame so they know and understand when you need them to read and review your book.
  4. The same can be done for Beta Readers to get constructive feedback on your book.

Automated Task

As I built my list I found that many readers don't want to read books that I write, sigh ... so I thought why not share my readers with other authors. So I have made it easy for authors like you to reach out to readers. As I am still looking for more reviewers for my own genre I am happy to share your reviewer request to my reviewer list for a small fee.

My reviewer list is growing all the time and currently just under 10K. I also have another personal mailing list of 14K readers and a non-fiction list interested in business books and interests of 10K. If you'd like to reach these other lists, please email me for a price. Find out how to book a review request.

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