Book Marketing Tips From Kindle Publishing

Book Marketing Tips From Kindle Publishing

When we interviewed the guys over at Amazon Kindle on how to publish an eBook onto their publishing platform, they shared a few book marketing ideas with us.

First and foremost, make sure your eBook is well-written and edited. As most book marketing experts agree, writing the best book you can possibly write is key and the first port of call when you think about marketing your book. This also helps you to get higher stars in your eBook reviews which in turn makes more people want to buy your eBook.

Secondly, get your book cover right. A good cover grabs the reader and is your shop front. You can of course create your own book cover with Amazon’s printing platform, but whether you choose to do it yourself or get a professional involved, your book cover must have a compelling description or synopsis about the book. This is grass roots when writing your book and writing up a marketing plan for your self-published book.

Thirdly, ensure your Author Central profile is up to date and helps draw in the reader. Find out how to get your own friendly Amazon Author Central URL.

Kindle also suggest that all self-published authors use Facebook and Twitter to promote their book and connect with author authors to share tips and help spread the word.

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