How 2 Find Book PR Angles

Here's a few ideas on how to find PR angles for your book

So you have self-published your book and now you're ready to start promoting it. You may have read some of our book marketing advice for self-published authors and you're putting your plan of attack together.

Great stuff.

Now you'll also need lots of ideas for getting free publicity for your book so bone up in our gallery of articles on Free Book Publicity. Here's a few ideas on how to find PR angles for your book ...

Finding Book Publicity Angles

Start by organising your online press room and this will will help you get focused on what you'll need for your book PR campaigns.

  • Find answers to ‘The Five W's’: Who, What, When, Where, Why and make sure you add in How, too. What on earth is this? Find out about the Five Ws when writing a press release.
  • Include your human angle story
  • Your story should be unique and newsworthy.
  • Any book launches or book marketing events must be current - old news doesn’t tick boxes.
  • Try to identify what the editor is looking for, they are constantly swamped with book press releases so your book's story must jump out at them.
  • Run a poll or survey to gain feedback from real people about your book, the genre you write in or any related topics – this makes a meatier story when you submit a press release to the media.
  • Keep in your book genre loop by checking who writes about the topic in newspaper and magazines. Write a personal message to these journalists rather than sending a generic press release. And follow them on Twitter to build up relations via social sharing before you hit them with your book's press release.

Visit our Book Publicity gallery to find out how to write a book's press release and other interesting PR tips to help you promote your self-published book and get some juicy free publicity.


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