How To Optimise Your Book's Press Release

How To Optimise Your Book's Press Release To Get Traffic To Your Book Website

If you've been reading our section on how to gain free publicity for self-authors you'll be pleased to learn how to optimise your book's press release to get traffic to your website and thus increase your book's sales.

Optimising your press release is the same as On Page optimisation, except on a slightly different scale. So focus on your primary keywords in your press release. With no advertising budget, we managed to get loads of back links to a site of ours (Remote Employment) and build both traffic and awareness through our PR campaigns. The awareness came from the media attention we were grabbing and lots of different publications up and down the country covering our stories.

By optimising our releases, this doubled the impact of the publicity by driving traffic back to our site.

Keywords In Press Release First Paragraph

Use your book's best keywords in the first paragraph of your press release and hyperlink that keyword with the most relevant page on your author's website. Remember ‘relevant’ and ‘specific’ as the optimal words. In other words be sure to make the press release relevant to your book and your human interest story as well as specific to your self-published book. The landing page link must be related to the keyword you are using as well as the context of the paragraph in the release.

Don't Use Too Many Links

Don’t overdo the links and get ‘link-happy’. If you send it out through a newswire service it may not be picked up if it has too many keywords links as Google will think you are spamming.


Get into your readers’ shoes and find out about what they want from you so you can tailor your book's press release to deliver the solution. Include the terminology that they would use. Think, speak and write like your book's readers. All too often, PR people get fancy and show off their knowledge only to find out that their audience has no idea what they are talking about. Of course, you as a self-published author wouldn't think of doing that ...

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