Genre: Sci-fi, Short Stories, Young Adult

For Fans Of

I am number four

Book Summary

A troubled boy on the run stumbles upon a basement where he uncovers a secret that makes his problems seem like a pleasant dream. He enters a path from which he will probably never return.

The captain of a futuristic station is confronted with a situation that puts her training and values to the test. Her career and sanity are on the line, and she just may lose them both.

One of the passengers on this flight isn't what he appears. His true nature is exposed in an explosive encounter with significant collateral damage.

Bam is a novella comprised of 3 action-packed supernatural tales that are as entertaining as they are hair-raising.

About the Author

Self-published author who writes primarily in the Young Adult genre — supernatural, fantasy, scifi, action. I may also dabble in horror in the future since that's one of my loves as far as movies go anyway. I love writing stories about super people no matter how small the super is. I write the things I enjoy (have enjoyed for my whole life). Here's hoping that I'll get to do this full-time for the rest of my life.

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