Chateau of Desire

Genre: Romance

For Fans Of

Medieval Historical Romances that are steamy and sexy, like Lilia Moon, Anna Markland, Kathryn Le Veque, J.A. Templeton and Ashe Barker.

Book Summary

A boy, a girl, a knight, and a witch. What could possibly go wrong?

1355, France

Louis sharpens the rapiers of the Guard of Chateau Brionde. He trains with them too, transforming his skinny boy body into a finely toned warrior. All the while, he keeps his eye out for...

Phoebe was just a scrawny kitchen waif who cried a lot from too many beatings. She is now a luscious young woman who’s learned how to handle herself with grace. She’s still thinking about...

Remi used to work in the kitchen too. He took Phoebe under wing when she first arrived. But one mistake banished him. With nothing but the clothes on his back, he steals the gear to become a knight. Now he’s Sir Tristen, and he’s just escaped from...

Tempeste, the beautiful raven-haired witch, is trapped in her tower in the middle of the forest where she lures unsuspecting knights, holding each a prisoner as her sex slave, until they can give no more.

These four are brought together when Sir Tristen’s outlaw band sacks Chateau Brionde in a thrilling medieval battle. Amid this action-packed whirlwind of betrayal and jealousy, will true love shine through?

If you like a racy, adventurous romance that ends in happily ever after, then you’ll love Chateau of Desire.

For mature readers only.

Chateau of Desire is the first in a trilogy of steamy romances set in Medieval France. If you enjoy riveting action, heart-tugging desire, and historical Medieval backgrounds, then you’ll love Monica Bentley’s Chateau of Love series.

*Please note that each of the Chateau of Love trilogy are completely standalone stories with no cliffhangers.

About the Author

I spend my mornings covered to the neck, wrist, and ankle watching all those hard asses and harder abs walk by out of the corner of my eye at a conservative construction firm. Then, I go home and smother my babies with kisses after school.

In between, I dream up all-consuming stories that let you escape to exotic lands far away and exciting adventures with a healthy splash of steamy sex guaranteed to make a girl's knees weak.

If you like triple-cream brie stories that slowly melt on the tongue, you'll like mine. All the sex a girl can handle, sometimes raw and raunchy, sometimes sweet and gentle. Hunky and hard alpha males softly sweeping up innocent girls (who can be bad, too!) in a breath-taking romance that ends in HEA.

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