Chateau of Longing

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Romance

For Fans Of

Jane Austen, Cecelia Mecca, Diana Gabaldon

Book Summary

He’s Master of the Guard. She’s m’Lady of the castle. Can they be together?

France, 1356

Chateau Brionde has survived an attack, but the Lord of the castle did not. Lela’s now at the mercy of the King. He could marry her off to anyone using her property for a political alliance. She doesn’t have a say in the matter.

But she’s in love with John, the gruff, muscular Master of the Guard. If only he were nobility!

Enter Marcel, her handsome – and charming – childhood friend. Marcel is now a count in his own right, and eager for advancement in the eyes of the King. Their marriage would be perfect for him. And the key to forgetting about John.


If you like love stories full of adventure, betrayal and ultimate happiness, then you'll love Chateau of Longing.


"Well written storyline that lured me right into the storyline from the very first page and the well detailed characters made me feel like I was looking through a window watching as the story unfolded between the characters! This book was a hard one to put down!" Pat W

"This second installment also had me enthralled as I learnt more about Lady Lela, her love for John the Master of the Guard and the deception of her childhood friend Marcel, the Count of Anjou. Monica weaved yet another vivid story with glimpses of the main characters of Book 1 while drawing into the limelight characters previously briefly mentioned. The adventures and deception draw one into the book keeping us enthralled as you try to guess who Lady Lela will end with." M. Fahd

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About the Author

I spend my mornings covered to the neck, wrist, and ankle watching all those hard asses and harder abs walk by out of the corner of my eye at a conservative construction firm. Then, I go home and smother my babies with kisses after school.

In between, I dream up all-consuming stories that let you escape to exotic lands far away and exciting adventures with a healthy splash of steamy sex guaranteed to make a girl's knees weak.

If you like triple-cream brie stories that slowly melt on the tongue, you'll like mine. All the sex a girl can handle, sometimes raw and raunchy, sometimes sweet and gentle. Hunky and hard alpha males softly sweeping up innocent girls (who can be bad, too!) in a breath-taking romance that ends in HEA.

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