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What must a dark goddess do to win back the heart of the werewolf she betrayed? Goddess Vinea Summer wants to make amends to hot and sexy Devon McKinnon - the man she knows is her mate, but Devon refuses to accept her apology, damn it. So what's a spurned goddess to do? Giving up is not an option.
Dinosaur Lake IV: Dinosaur Wars, 4th book of the Dinosaur Lake series:
Dinosaur Lake III: Infestation the 3rd Dinosaur Lake book of 4. Chief Park Ranger Henry Shore has dealt with and fought real live dinosaurs at his beloved Crater Lake National Park for over six years. With the help of his rangers, a few brave FBI friends and army soldiers he’d been victorious over a prehistoric lake creature and years later some particularly fiendish, and clever, specimens of the flying variety. He and his newspaper publisher wife, Ann, thought their park was finally rid of...
Her powerful presence brings him to his knees. His animalistic ruggedness has her panting for more. Always forced to keep her powers and identity under wraps, Isadora Berta dreams of a normal life. After encountering the sexy and mysterious Ryerson McKinnon, the up-and-coming Alpha wolf, she realizes her life was never destined for normalcy. With their desire for one another intensifying and the passion between them igniting, Ryerson tries to keep his amped up libido in check. Easier said than...
Dinosaur Lake II: Dinosaurs Arising, the 2nd Dinosaur Lake book in a 4 book series by Kathryn Meyer Griffith Prehistoric creatures have again invaded Crater Lake National Park …and this time there’s more than one.
Witches Among Us: The Fourth Spookie Town Murder Mystery; sequel to Scraps of Paper, All Things Slip Away and Ghosts Beneath Us: Witches Among Us.
Ghosts Beneath Us: The 3rd SPOOKIE TOWN MURDER MYSTERY: Ghosts beneath Us - sequel to Scraps of Paper and All Things Slip Away.
All Things Slip Away, 2nd of the Spookie Town Murder Mysteries (The Spookie Town Mysteries 4 book Series) by Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Winner of the Reader's Favorite 2014 International Book Award for Comedy The year is 1999 and the millennium is fast approaching. Baseball fan and thirty-two-year-old confirmed bachelor and architect, Seth Miller, is content with his life, as long as the Yankees win and his mother stays away from his Greenwich Village apartment. Seth's life, though, is turned upside down when he is informed by his overbearing and overprotective mother that he is God's youngest son and by default the second...
Two years after the events in Miami and a heart-wrenching funeral newly married and pregnant Jenny once again finds herself embroiled in a murder mystery. When Hollywood comes to Forest Pines to film a movie based on the killings of infamous serial killer 'The Slaughter Man' the production is thrown into chaos after a cast member dies on set. Was it an accident or was it murder? With a host of suspects and motives to chose from a revitalized Jenny leaves no stone unturned as she digs into the...


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