Genre: Action Adventure, Conspiracy Thrillers

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Book Summary


The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are mere footnotes in history, the west banished from the Middle East as a powerful new Caliphate unites the Islamic world. While Europe wallows in economic depression an army gathers on its borders, watching, waiting....

The massive truck bomb that levels Whitehall is the signal to commence hostilities, heralding a wave of chaos that paralyses the capital and engulfs Europe. Trapped beneath the streets by the unfolding mayhem, Prime Minister Harry Beecham and a small team of Special Forces soldiers must escape the city before it falls, their destination a secret government complex buried deep beneath the West Country hills. As England buckles beneath the military onslaught it becomes clear that sanctuary must lie elsewhere, far to the north, where remaining British forces have massed along an ancient border, dug in deep to await the final battle for survival.

About the Author

DC Alden is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of INVASION, THE HORSE AT THE GATES, and THE ANGOLA DECEPTION. When he’s not writing thrillers he likes to make films, and has written, produced and directed live action trailers for two of his novels. DC’s writing always commands attention, and his fast-paced works are often inspired by the seldom reported sub-plots that drive global events. His works are a peek behind the curtain, a lifting of the lid, a glimpse of the ‘dark actors’ lurking in the shadows…

Action/adventure, military thrillers, mystery, conspiracy, suspense…DC’s work embraces it all. For more information, please visit his official website at

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