Purrfect Mate

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Summary

Will her secret destroy her future?

When an accident forces Dayna’s car off-road, it brings a hot cop into her midst, which is the very last thing she needs: both the hotness and the police all up in her business. Will she allow the feelings between them, to force her to confront everything she’s both chasing and running from?

Shifter police officer Jake Braeden can’t figure out why a woman in need of help is reluctant to get it. But that question is the least of his worries when they soon become embroiled in a mystery involving corruption and murder. Pulled further together by circumstance, as their interactions heat up, so does a dire threat to Dayna's Life. If she survives, can their attraction bloom into trust and real love?

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About the Author

Rayne Reilly lives in Canada. She writes sci-fi romance and paranormal romance. Her books always have a happily ever after for the couple.

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