Tap Doubt

Genre: Mystery

Book Summary

Terrorists are poisoning America’s water supplies using an Environmental Cleanup company as a cover. When ousted CEO Nick Kuiper hires a beautiful con artist and her legendary grifter father to get his company back they tumble to the plot and all hell breaks loose.


Nick Kuiper owns an environmental cleanup company-until he suddenly doesn't. His primary aim is to get his company back and protect the integrity of the business he's worked so hard to build. It turns out that won't be so easy. Tap Doubt isn't just about getting the company back, oh no, there is a much deeper evil going on! This story is like the Energizer Bunny. Every time you think you can take a steady breath and relax for a minute, it throws another twist your way. Along with the threat of death, betrayals, and constant drama, there are some extremely humorous moments. I laughed until tears quite a few times.
This book is an impressively crafty work of fiction & excellent writing! Hope we'll see more of Nick in future stories. Great job!

About the Author

I wrote my first novel in college at the University of Wyoming, played lead guitar in Pinky’s bar as a member of “Suzy Q and the Quad City Ramblers,” Got an English degree, then an engineering degree, worked a lot, got married to Traci (probably the best thing to ever happen), wrote several books with Raymond Dean White, retired recently from said engineering and started writing again.
Now I write cheerfully demented novels about con artists and overweight PIs, play guitar a lot (on a very well used and loved 1954 Martin D-18 (for those of you who have guitar lust—centerfold picture available on request) and generally am having the best retirement ever.

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