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From the first moment Thea heard Liam’s sexy voice come over the radio, she began to fantasize about him being in her bed. Unfortunately her reality is a cold, lonely bed and a controlling husband. Thea has always dreamt of a fairy tale life. However, a selfless decision she made fifteen years ago has left her trapped in a loveless marriage. When Malcolm Drake wants to play house with his latest mistress, he sends his wife, Thea, on a “Hall Pass”. Thea’s steamy fantasies might just become a...
Breaking up with an abusive boyfriend turns out to be the least of Anna’s concerns… Anna Harper grew up with a mother who accepted her father’s abusive ways, so she knows the signs and when to get out. She quickly learns the hard way, however, that leaving is not as easy as she thought. Because as it turns out, Dorian is not only a vampire, but also a serial killer with an appetite for brunettes.
Shopkeeper Natalie Bourke was living an ordinary life of solitude until it is invaded by a nihilistic vampire intent on enslaving her for eternity. The vampire’s initial advances are thwarted by the aid of Alexander, a handsome, otherworldly man who she discovers a love for that expands over many lifetimes. Natalie soon finds that the vampire who attacked her has robbed her family before and now it’s her turn to fight for her soul. The past that plagues her memory mercilessly has come back to...
Mitch Wilder's quest to get his wife back turns into an obsession. He becomes desperate when more of his lies are unveiled. When he catches Claire with her lover, Mitch becomes violent. And the only way he's with a bullet.
Kindness is a wonderful asset. In this instance it places a nurse in an impossible situation. Can Marie protect herself when emotions force her to undertake this perilous mission?
When Montreal party boy Kyle Regan, resurfaces for grandmother Dot's funeral in the tiny village of Lakefield, he comes face to face with his abusive father Russell. A boozer, Kyle has messed up his life engaging in risky behavior in the city. It all looks bleak until a trio of Dot's confidantes intervene and share a scrapbook of cherished mementos with Kyle; unearthing tales of love, betrayal and family darkness, all told through a captivating heroine who may well have been ahead of her time.
A dying woman deceives her nurse and then betrays her. The only objective is a warped sense of justice. The victims are inconsequential to a poisoned mind that's festered for so long. Shona wishes the best for this terminal cancer patient. She's pushed into a distressing situation by her charge. Nurses are rarely prone to brash actions, but Shona’s bound by emotional chains. Her charge is obsessed with revenge and this leads onto a trail of destruction. In wars, there are no winners and there’s...
A Gripping International Crime Thriller from author Janet Pywell’s Culture Crime Series.
Everything has gone wrong. Imprisoned by the Army as a spy, Robin is powerless to stop their genocidal plans for the Fae. Besides, even if he escaped, how could he resolve the ancient feud between the two races? There's too much at stake, which offers enormous power and influence for certain ambitious types. What's worse, Tir na nÓg is about to explode into civil war.
Robin Goodfellow is a murderer, a king-killer. He may be responsible for the armistice between the two races but humanity's gratitude soon fades. Six months on and the Army control the country and paranoia reigns. So when Fae assassins start attacking Robin he receives no help, only suspicion. The portals to Tir na nÓg were supposed to have been destroyed by obviously one remains. Robin needs to find it, and whoever wants him dead.


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