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Would you like to marry a farmer? Do you consider him to be a good catch? Wondering where to find a nice farmer? Wondering what you might need to know when dating a farmer?  Sixsmith's very funny take also advises on how to cope with the mother-in-law and how to stay married to your farmer. Don't date a farmer without reading it first! If you are a farmer, read it for some tips on how to appear in the best light!  It also contains interesting historical and funny facts about bygone farmers...
How You Know You're a Zebra is a picture ebook for children about how the zebra discovers who he is by trying on the patterns of lots of different animals. It is aimed at children aged 3-5 years old, but with a little something for parents to enjoy along the way!  It is suitable for Kindle, Kindle Fire, and iPad and iPhone through the Kindle app.
The absolute beginner's step-by-step guide to ebook publishing holds out a friendly, non-geek hand to hold as you go through all the self publishing processes. Written in a straightforward, chatty style by an ex-BBC writer and author of print published fiction and non-fiction. Stephanie will take you through:
Paula Wynne is the bestselling author of Pimp My Site, the ultimate digital marketing guide to optimise, promote and market your website through online marketing tools. The book is ideal for literally anyone who wishes to put up a site about anything and everything, from a simple hobby site to a full throttle online business. Anyone who has an interest in websites or wishes to put together their own blog site. It is aimed at start ups and small businesses wanting a web presence, but at the same...
Create A Successful Website is a beginner's visual step-by-step guide showing exactly how to create an online business or website by ‘Doing it Yourself. This book will reduce time intensive wrong turns and avoid detours when they create an online business. This down-to-earth book will answer all the questions and concerns that new start ups face and in particular focuses on the DIY angle to save costs by doing lots of tasks in house.


create bestselling novels with pimp my fiction writing technique secrets