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Was it fate that the hotel in Rome double-booked her room and he, of all people, walked through the door? Project manager Lily Bennett dreads the trip to Italy for she suspects a pink slip awaits her return. Fate brings her fantasy man alive when Brandon enters her room by mistake. Kiss by kiss, he breaks down her insecurities making the next four days the best (and hottest) of her life. But when she dares to hope for more, he becomes distant. Now, to forget this man she knows so little about,...
The races collide as each Konstantinos royal has claimed a throne. Who will survive? Who will be left to pick up the pieces? For decades Nika Konstantinos has been on the run; from a past that nearly destroyed her and the truth about her family. Now she has embraced her destiny and as queen of the Immortals, her first order of business must be to ensure the death of her twin brother.
Parental neglect and new money have been the making of parvenue heiress and incorrigible do-gooder, Tilly Ravelsham. She is bent on relieving poverty and forwarding the cause of liberty by whatever means necessary. True, she dabbles in the demimonde. True, she breaks into houses. True, she conducts scandalous enterprises and an affair that could ruin her socially, if her enemy exposes her. But is that all so very wrong?
London-hating dreamer, Lydia Norwood, has failed spectacularly as a débutante. Now an encoretante whose family has lost a fortune, Lydia discovers that the beau monde is hard on a nouveau riche social climber, particularly one who is no longer riche and only wants to climb trees. Lydia must stave off the effrontery of rogue lords and conniving competitors long enough to make a good match, or else incur society's scorn by by being so scandalous as to earn her own money. Falling for the...
Alvin is a tiny, geriatric dachshund who woke up in a rusty cage at the dog pound. The only crime Alvin is guilty of is being old. Life is not fair. Alone and at the mercy of others, Alvin innocently touches the lives of those he meets in ways they never would have expected or imagined…or wanted. Treachery. Deceit. Lies. Greed. Sloth. Revenge. These vile warts of the human condition reveal themselves with disturbing illiberality during one single day in the life of one single dog.
He’s Master of the Guard. She’s m’Lady of the castle. Can they be together? France, 1356 Chateau Brionde has survived an attack, but the Lord of the castle did not. Lela’s now at the mercy of the King. He could marry her off to anyone using her property for a political alliance. She doesn’t have a say in the matter. But she’s in love with John, the gruff, muscular Master of the Guard. If only he were nobility!
Lockton Castle, a four day ride from Bayersby Manor, is in the grip of an epidemic. Concerned that the disease will spread if left unattended, Sir Edred sends young Apothecary Oric to administer to the sick. Upon his arrival at the castle, Oric fears that something far more sinister than an epidemic is afoot. Determined to explore the castle, he waits until everyone retires to bed. The secret he unearths sends him racing back to Bayersby Manor before the inmates of Lockton Castle arise.
Leather & Lace - "No one does Alpha heroes like Samantha A. Cole!"—New York Times, USA Today, #1 Amazon Bestseller, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Susan Stoker How does a “vanilla” woman write a BDSM novel? With hands-on research! Kristen needs inspiration and personal experience for a sequel to her unexpected and kinky bestseller. Devon, an ex-Navy SEAL and private club owner, is all too happy to help.
Oric returns from an early-morning foraging expedition to find his home, Dunburton Manor, sacked by a band of marauders. Alchemist Deveril, Oric's mentor and friend, lies fatally wounded. The old man thrusts a key into Oric's hand, saying that it will unlock the secret to great wealth. Deveril also warns of terrible danger should the key fall into wrong hands.
Order The Magic of the Pewter Ring Aren't you the kind of person that benefits from powerful writing that transports you into a whole new world full of action and adventure and that has something behind it as well? Besides, wouldn't you be eager to read a book series if you were practically guaranteed to come out of the experience with more inner resolve than you ever had before?


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