The Grotto's Secret by Paula Wynne

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ख़ुशी ख़ुशी घर से निकली छबीली और उसकी बेटी मोनी को क्या पता था कि जब वो लौटकर घर को आएँगी तब तक उनका सब कुछ उनसे छिन चुका होगा? कोई उनके ही गाँव का, उनकी ही पहचान का उनके साथ दरिंदगी कर देगा? दोनों को क्या पता था कि माँ के सामने बेटी को और बेटी के सामने माँ को नोंच खएगा? कुछ और करने गयीं लेकिन जब लौटीं तो कुछ और हो गया. ख़ुशी की खबर तो मिली लेकिन इस दरिंदगी के बाद से उसका ध्यान तक मन में न आता था.
जैसा कि इस उपन्यास का नाम है मोल की। उससे आप अपने आप समझ गये होंगे कि इसमें जरूर किसी ऐसी बात का जिक्र होगा जो मोल खरीद कर लायी गयी होगी। लेकिन ये कोई वस्तु नही थी। ये तो जीती जागती इंसान थी। एक स्त्री। साथ ही ये सिर्फ एक या दो नही बल्कि हजारों की संख्या में थी। जो ऐसे खरीदी बेची जातीं थीं जैसे ये कोई रोजमर्रा की जरूरत की वस्तु हों। लेकिन उनका दिल क्या चाहता था ये कोई नही जानता था। माला अभी ठीक से जवान भी न हुई थी कि उसे बाप की उम्र के एक आदमी को बेच दिया गया।
दिल दरिया मेरा कविता संग्रह है, जिसमे 25 कवितायेँ है. ये पच्चीसों कवितायें मेरे दिल से निकली हुई हैं. जब आप इन्हें पढ़ेंगे तो आप भी ऐसा ही महसूस करेंगे.
Mary Queen of Scots is on the throne, and the frontier between England and Scotland is a powder-keg. More interested in raiding into Scotland with the rest of her clan than womanly pursuits like embroidery or finding a husband, Alexandra Graham is a feisty English heiress who rides and fights as well as any man. But when a daring rescue goes wrong, she ends up in the dungeons of Scotland’s most forbidding castle, prisoner of the notorious Earl of Bothwell and at the mercy of the queen’s justice.
When a skilled gamer gets recruited as a sniper in the war against a terrorist-produced pandemic, she discovers there’s more than one enemy and more than one war. The Game is real, and love is in the crosshairs. Three years after a series of terrorist attacks flooded the US with a lethal plague, society has changed radically.
Can you win a war without losing yourself? Sixteen year-old online gamer Jinxy James has been trained as an expert sniper in the war against a terrorist-spread plague which has decimated the USA. Now she’s a wanted fugitive, on the run with a rebel splinter group, risking everything to save and protect her loved ones.
“For whom does the sun shine?” — that is the question for a little kitten. So he asked the same thing his mother cat, puppy, rooster, goat and other farm residents. But they all have different answers. So who is right then? This charming picture-book represents various farm animals and their sounds, and also so many greetings the polite kitten knows. The sun is running in the sky, the kitten is running on the ground. And they are both going to bed at night. So this is also a perfect bedtime...
Everyone wants Jinxy, except the one she loves. In a near-future USA decimated by an incurable plague and tightly controlled by a repressive government, teenagers with special skills are recruited and trained to fight in the war against terror. Now a rebellion is brewing.
Life leaves you scarred. Love can make you beautiful. Sloane Munster had the perfect life, until she didn’t. Now seventeen year-old Sloane is trying to reboot her life after a serious accident left her badly scarred and emotionally traumatized.
Hushed - a modern, real-world young adult romance inspired by the classic tale of The Little Mermaid. Would you sacrifice your voice for love? 18-year-old Romy Morgan desperately longs to escape the boring future her parents have planned for her, and explore the world.


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