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Sometimes the right decisions are the hardest to make Raised in a fatherless home by an alcoholic mother, Leslie VandeKeere has no reason to trust that any man will be there when she needs him the most. Even her own husband Dan admits that he was tempted to stray from his vows. When a financial crisis means she and Dan must pack up their son and daughter and move home to his mother's farm, Leslie struggles to find her place in a family who openly worship God.
She’s a journalist on a mission. He's in her heart… and in her way. Will they have to choose between justice and love? As the older sibling to two beautiful twin sisters, Nadine Laidlaw is used to being overlooked. But she refuses to let her late father’s employer overlook his suspicious death. She aims to use her job as editor of the town newspaper to probe into the case, but there’s only one problem. Her secret high school crush Clint just took over the paper, and he wants the story buried…
A heart broken twice by love and family. Can a trip to the ranch give her a second chance with both? Sheryl Kyle isn’t the trusting type. After all, her abusive late husband and her disapproving stepfather haven’t given her much reason to feel otherwise. But when a rugged rancher named Mark seeks her out she learns her stepfather is on his deathbed. And his dying wish is for her to return to Sweet Creek for one last chance to reconcile…
A little white lie. A little white wedding. A pair of roommates in over their heads. Days before she's set to move across the country and start a prestigious graduate program, a con artist leaves Emmy with no where to live and less than zero dollars in her bank account. But her day doesn't seem quite so bad compared to Beckett's--his fiancée called off their wedding just days before they tie the knot. Now he's single and ineligible for his place in married student housing.
Don't miss this delicious Halloween treat! In this beautifully illustrated sixth volume of Lapid and Pasek's award-winning picture book series, Dan and Snowman Paul have a Halloween tree-house party, wearing costumes, telling stories, singing songs and getting themselves deliciously spooked. Aliens, witches, dragons and ghosts abound and dire warning signs are everywhere. But will they stop eager visitors from advancing? Don't dare come near this tree house. Don't even risk a glance. But if...
Snowman Paul Strikes a Chord! Snowman Paul wants to be a rock star! He practices day and night and no one gets any rest... Will he conquer the world with his music or will he drive everybody away? And then Paul sang and I must say I wished that I were far away... I had to stop him in the middle. "Hey, Paul," I said. "Here is your fiddle!"
Sibling jealousy happens! Dan feels jealous of his sister's birthday and he "accidentally" eats her cake...Can Snowman Paul save the day? "Really?"asked Paul. "What did you do?" "It happened -- poof! -- out of the blue. Somehow, entirely by mistake, I ate my sister's birthday cake." "Oh, wow!" gasped Paul, "A HUGE MISTAKE!"
What would you be willing to do for an Olympic gold medal? "A celebration of winter and competition that will likely appeal to children who've dreamed of Olympic glory", Kirkus Reviews "Paul,"I said, "you're much too old To win a silver or a gold. Besides, it risky, you might fall. So, let's forget about it, Paul!"
There is a new snowman in town and he's picking a fight... Will Snowman Paul allow a bully to win? Winner of two gold medals in the 2017 Reader's Favorite International Awards competition. "Watch out!" said Bill. "Nick's here to fight. He'll face-off with your Paul, tonight!" Word was out About the bout. They came by ground, By sea, By air, For Snowman Duels are quite rare.
A loving tale of friendship, inclusion and Christmas joy! For Dan, Christmas would not be Christmas without his best friend at the holiday table! But Dan's best friend is a snowman... Follow Dan as he takes matters into his own hands and discover what friendship, sharing, and Christmas are all about. "No way!" snapped Paul. "Christmas is near, And I have nothing much to cheer... You'll have your fancy meal inside... You'll carol by the fireside... You'll light your shiny Christmas tree... You'...


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