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Staked out in the Anza-Borrego Desert in the dead of night, young photographer Lake Pawlak is awoken by a clandestine meeting, bearing witness to something she never should have seen. Barely escaping, she turns to the authorities for help, bouncing through the criminal justice system before landing on the doorstep of DEA Special Agent in Charge Mia Diaz.
In the middle of a rare mid-April blizzard in eastern Montana, young emergency room doctor Yvonne Endicott steps outside to help a truck that arrives in the middle of night, the occupants appearing desperate, in dire need of aid. Only once she is too far removed from the safety of the building does she realize their true intentions, the entire incident just beyond the scope of the front door cameras, everybody disappearing into a swirling storm of wind and snow.
Three years ago, Charles Doyle was an average American millennial. At twenty-eight years old he was content to still live in the bedroom he grew up in, working as a manager at the fast food chain he first joined in high school. Upon the death of his father, Charles realizes there might be something more for him out there and decides to try his hand at the potential of social media for introducing himself to the masses.
They stole her freedom to travel, her food, and her children. How can Rebecca find peace? Rebecca and Enos are led to Shulon, a community struggling from years of severe drought and ancient arguments with neighboring Shem, who claim the whole valley. Arguments expand as food dwindles. After calling on Jehovah for relief, rain falls once again, but Shem no longer chooses to work. Their men prefer to take from Shulon. They invade and take what they want, including Rebecca’s two young children.
Through trials, fears, and friendships, can their love keep them together? Traveling with her new husband, Seth, to teach their distant families about their God, Ganet faces raging flash floods; land-shattering earthquakes; and angry, defiant men who want to sacrifice her to their serpent god Zil. Through it all, their profound love supports her, until Seth contacts a possible life-threatening disease that threatens to strand Ganet far from home.
Meet Callie Penrose. Is she Heaven’s Devil, or Hell’s Angel? Callie is a middle-class, Midwest American girl. And a wizard in training. She works for Roland, a member of the Vatican Shepherds – an elite group of twelve warrior priests who travel the world smiting whatever offends them or their Good Lord. One problem. Callie isn’t a huge fan of churches… Not even a minor fan, really. She trains with Roland only to learn how to use those strange magical powers inside her. And because Roland had...
One man's death is another man's fortune Lukas Novak didn't set out to find his Guardian Angel. The Angel came without asking - to kill him. MEET LUKAS NOVAK. Out of work, self-proclaimed investigative journalist with a sixth sense for smelling a rat, an insatiable hunger for the truth and an uncanny talent for meeting his nemesis. Three volumes and 200000 words of drama, crime, revenge, betrayal, thrills and chills. "This is a brilliant read. I just couldn't put it down."
All he wanted was love and happiness. All he got was pain and blood. It had all drifted away from him so quickly. Demoralised, betrayed and at the end of his physical and mental strength Lukas Novak faces the ultimate punishment. He has killed a man and during his flight from the consequences his actions take him down a spiral of personal nightmares. Escape being the only way out he is being dragged deeper and deeper down a hole that isn't of his own digging and pursued by an unknown foe,...
A secret conspiracy. A corrupt soul. A psychopath returned from the grave. And the Beautiful Game, fanatically followed by millions, all over the world.
Lukas Novak’s life has just taken a turn for the worst. His wife wants a divorce and Lukas has had enough of being the underdog. He promises himself to start over. There is just the matter of the death of his old family friend Tibor, and his funeral to be taken care of.


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