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Amie didn't want to go to Africa in the first place, she was happy living in England close to her family. She never expected a brutal, civil war to break out and to miss the last plane evacuating the foreigners. That's how she ended up in a prison thousands of miles away from home.
Welcome to gripping steampunk meets fairy tale, character-rich science fiction, and edge-of-your-seat action, and more from international, best-selling author, Adam Dreece. Enjoy up to 40% of three of his books: - Along Came a Wolf (The Yellow Hoods, #1) - MG/YA steampunk series that grabs adults as well as kids. - The Wizard Killer - Season One - Post-apocalyptic fantasy that's been called "Harry Potter meets Diehard" and "Madmax meets Lord of the Rings."
Justice Labelle always had her life perfectly planned.Her goals were to graduate from University and get into law school.Then one day, Justice tried to kill herself. Well, not her technically. It may have been her body, but those actions weren't intentional and the suicidal thoughts were not hers. Or, so she keeps telling her therapist and family.
Being immortal has its downfalls. The recurrence of loss, the memories, and the continual need for a new identity before everyone questions why he looks so young. From the start he knew that Richard Ridley didn’t feel safe; dying in infancy, and apparently unloved. He has no intention of being Richard. But then a man turns up claiming to be from the Special Investigation Department; and he’s forced to take on Richard’s identity, or be locked up…forever. All the department wants is for him to...
Detective Inspector Jake Talbot hates working undercover. Yet, when ordered to Dorset to observe a sinister cult for the Ministry of Defence, he accepts, because the group’s beliefs pose a direct threat to his disabled sister, Anna. The MOD also need his friend Frankie’s exceptional computer skills, skills he’s prohibited from using except on the Ministry’s behalf. Bitter from previous dealings with them, Frankie refuses to work for the government, but is willing to assist Talbot.
Why should a man at a Surrey police station go ballistic because someone tries to visit Lilly, his elderly grandmother?
Meet Erik Ashendale: wizard and monster hunter extraordinaire.
A Mafia sports corruption conspiracy. A female undercover cop. A honed and fit target suspect - international boxing star and billionaire playboy, Freddie La Salle. Interpol cop, Anna Leyton, spirals down into a hopeless vortex of sexual and emotional turmoil as she fights to keep her professional cool in her latest assignment. When the charismatic suspect turns on his charm and seduces her, passion takes control. The action flies from London to Paris, to California and New York - but just who...
Meet Tina, a teacher in her late 20s. In recent years, she has had her share of heartbreaks – mainly because she seems to go for unavailable men. She also has a fear of intimacy which she believes has something to do with growing up without a father and with an abusive mother.


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