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In pre-Celtic Ireland, Fionnuala was a fae princess, born to a life of luxury. She knew her duty and loved her family. She missed her mother, who died in childbirth when Fionnuala was but ten years old. Still, she had hopes and dreams of love and a full life.All her dreams were stolen from her, ripped away in a torrent of envy and magic.Now she must care for her three brothers while learning to live under an evil curse. Will she find a way to break the spell, or would they remain swans,...
Four linked stories of childhood abuse, trauma and neglect. A little boy sees his brother nearly die at his mother's hands. In another episode he is conscious during an operation. Later his mother locks him out, and he spends the night in the woods. Finally the boy is left for dead on the moors.
Kill me with a floating city? You got my attention. But then steal from me and try to burn me alive? You got me thinking.I think I’m going to find your yigging, walking carcass and introduce it to two friends of mine: pain and vengeance.By the way, I borrowed a lightning rifle. Don’t worry, I’ll return it… empty.See you soon,The Wizard Killer Season Two kicks everything up a notch with 22 all-new, action-packed episodes!
The gripping adventure continues in this international best-selling Steampunk meets Fairy tale series!As the shepherd watched the aerial bombardment of his village, he had no idea it would lead him to tip the scales in the war between Marcus Pieman and the Lady in Red.Meanwhile, the Yellow Hoods, along with the meager remains of the Tub, race to rescue Nikolas Klaus before it's too late. Who will betray them, and who will be murdered?
An ancient civilisation collapses. The Old City is abandoned by Gods as well as men. This book is anachronistic, outrageously funny and painfully sad. The Last King of the Old City is murdered by his guards. The Free Citizens march out onto the steppe. The Gods leave the temples and the palaces and crowd onto the edge of the cliff above the City. The Little People walk out along the levee. They meet death. The Wooden God climbs off his plinth and wanders across the desolate Anatolian hills...
A passionate novel of abuse, oppression and flight that takes place against the background of a collapsing civilisation and a dying world. The Girl comes to herself. She is barefoot and naked under a blanket. She is alone at night in the township. She is rescued by The Shadow. She travels to the Foreign Country where she meets The Prophet. She is fleeing from the Men with Guns. She is exploited and threatened with abuse. There seems to be no way out.
“I will build My Church...” The Lord has always had His Church (Matthew 16:18), it has not been perfect, has failed and at times, has needed to be reformed and restored. There has always been a continuation in the work of God and we are not called to start something new but rather continue something that is old.
“Enter in by the narrow gate...” Verses like this one can be confusing to the modern Christian mind. How does this apply to my daily experience? The answer to this question and others lies in a secret truth that the early believers closely guarded. It was the secret of Martyrdom.In The Following of Christ, Greg Gordon gives us a glimpse of what following the Lord truly meant to the Early Church. Join hands with your nail-pierced Lord’s hand and learn of that great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12...
The Adventures Of Fluffy Monkey is a series of children's books. The Adventures Of Fluffy Monkey: Fun and Games is fun for all the family including, colouring in, word searches, Snake and Ladders and games to play with your children. To find out much more please visit:
The next phase of human evolution depends entirely on her… Laura is willing to do whatever it takes for her son. When aliens kidnap her child, it's going to take a lot more than a mother's love to get him back. After infiltrating a military base, Laura discovers a terrifying secret: the government plans to impregnate women with alien DNA …


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