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Book Marketing for Authors: Essential Steps for Before, During and After Your Book Launch (Authors Book Marketing Series 1) There’s a lot of book marketing activities that you can do for free and set up quickly. Others may take longer and over time you can set them up and get them done. This book will help writers and new authors get up to speed on what they should be doing LONG BEFORE their book is finished.
Action, adventure, boat chases, car chases, eco-terrorists, rhinos, castles, a fortune, a father, dirty limericks, and two of the worst heroes ever asked to save the world. A Thrill a Minute! (If you read fast enough.)
“Quick-moving, fast-joking, lightning-punching joyride for the soul.” On the eve of tomorrow, Damian’s own invention has run amuck causing terror at the 1933 World’s Fair. To discover who is behind the malevolent mishap, Dam must travel from the dangerous streets of New York to the political hotbed of London and on to a deceptively picturesque perfumery in France. Sinister forces are at work and Stockwell soon finds himself facing off against unseen enimies and evil robots as he and his loyal...
“Quick-moving, fast-joking, lightning-punching joyride for the soul.”
“Quick-moving, fast-joking, lightning-punching joyride for the soul.”
They stand between us and total destruction.
The end of the world as you’ve never known it.From the pages of the best-selling Duck & Cover Adventures comes thirteen stories of those who survived the apocalypse. Some would go on to be heroes, others villains, some were dogs and will stay dogs, but they all must contend with the horrors of the new world and find a way to survive in the wasteland that was America.HOW TO HOST AN INTERVENTION
The end of the world as you've never known it.The bounty hunter Mr. Christopher has kidnapped Erica and The Librarian and his dog, Chewy are desperate to get her back. Willie and Coy like money and they are after The Librarian to collect the price on his head. Hawk and his gang of wasteland raiders are after Willie and Coy for a breach of contact.
The end of the world as you've never known it.A price on their heads has driven Jerry the post-apocalyptic nomadic warrior, Erica and their loyal mastiff west in search of a new beginning. But when their truck breaks down in what was once southern Colorado they are swept into an epic quest at the behest of King Elias, ruler of the Kingdom of the Five Peaks.On their quest they will meet old friends and new foes, mutant cannibals, savage mountain men, fearsome knights and much, much more.
The end of the world as you've never known it. Life has been relatively normal for the people of New Hope since the apocalypse. To date the biggest problems have been super smart bears and finding a short stop for the town’s kickball team.


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