Genre: Conspiracy Thrillers, Dystopian and Futuristic, Mystery, Sci-fi, Suspense Thrillers, Young Adult

For Fans Of

William Gibson, Margaret Atwood, Iain Banks

Book Summary

Cassie doesn't know it, but her life is about to be turned upside-down.
At twenty-one, she's in a dead end job, whilst compared to her, her friends are generally winning life.
On a whim, she hands her decisions over to Twitter, and at first her followers seem to be making her life better.

However, as the instructions continue, she finds herself held at ransom, forced to commit crimes for an unknown party who seems to be stalking her at every turn.
With the lives of her family and friends at risk, she has no choice to play along.
But this isn't the first time this has happened to someone like her.
And if she doesn't find out who's pulling her strings, she won't be the last...


"I really enjoyed this creative and unique mystery thriller. It was so intriguing I couldn’t put it down."
-Sue, Amazon

"Not only enjoyable but also makes you think about the things you share online."
- Maria Virginia, Amazon

"A fast-paced techno thriller that constantly surprises."
- MissScarlett, Amazon

About the Author

Lee Isserow is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker, with over fifteen years spent trawling the back streets and dark alleys of the 'entertainment' industry.

He's pretty sure he has some traits of autism, because he's been constantly working and obscenely prolific for the entire duration, writing over a hundred screenplays, many of which he's adapting into forthcoming books, because nobody is willing to turn them into movies. Yet.

He lives in Liverpool, England because he accidentally bought a house there. He's not quite sure how that happened - but assumes part of that is because he used to drink a lot.

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