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The 2014 USA Best Book Awards

The 2014 USA Best Book Awards

Enter one of the largest literary awards geared toward the Indie press!

Enter on or before March 31, 2014 and your entry will receive a bonus 5-month, full color listing in your category on! Open to all 2012-2014 titles.

Winners and finalists will be announced November 2014 just in time for the busy holiday retail season!

How 2 Design Your Book Cover

10 Things you need to know about Self-Publishing

Joel Friedlancer from The Book Designers say that the most important selling tool self-published authors have in their book marketing toolkit is the book cover.

Your book cover represents your book to the world so you'll want to be sure it is shown off in its best light with its most professional image. For most authors, this is going to mean that you have to hire someone to create a really good cover for your book.

Writing Your 50 Shades Novel

Why Men Love Bitches

If you’re aiming to write the next 50 Shades of Grey here's three little sneaky books that will help you on your journey.

1001 Sexcapades To Do If You Dare

Bobbie Dempsey says that an exciting sex life isn't just for Playboys or Playboy bunnies anymore. With this book on your nightstand, you will be challenged to throw away your inhibitions, increase your pleasure, and keep boredom out of your bedroom for good! There's plenty to keep the passion alive with new positions, new locations, and new twists on old favourites.

Create Fictional People From 45 Master Characters

45 Master Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt

How do you start to build fictional characters when you're an an aspiring writer or author?

Using Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s archetypes will help you make sense of your character and their world. It certainly will help you to address, explore and deal with current situations coming out of your plot.

Before you are put off by the word ‘Archetypes – they are, quite simply, unconscious image patterns that cross cultural boundaries.

Hook Your Reader

How writers can hook their readers

James Scott Bell in Plot And Structure tells us that opening lines must hook a reader. Open any Dean Koontz novel to find an excellent example of one line paragraphs with a named person and some sort of immediate interruption to normality. Not just anything, something dangerous or ominous. An interruption to normal life. Give readers a feeling of motion, of something happening or about to happen from the absolute first line.

Check this example from Dean Koontz’s Darkfall:
Penny Dawson woke and heard something moving furtively in the dark bedroom.



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