Scams From Subsidy Publishers

Scams From Subsidy Publishers

Joel Friedlander from The Book Designer tells self-publishing authors in his eBook - free to download at The Book Designers - about 10 things you need to know about self publishing. To help new self-published authors from making common self-publishing mistakes Joel tells us about Subsidy Publishers.

In reality, many people who want to publish, who could actually be helped by publishing, simply don’t want to do it themselves. They don’t want to take on all the work and cost of setting up a publishing company, hiring contractors, learning about distribution and fulfillment. They don’t actually want to be publishers at all. They just want the book in print. And so they go looking for someone who can help them. That’s when they find the ads, which are everywhere, for subsidy publishers.

These companies offer to publish and sell your book, and offer lots of fancy “packages” that include all kinds of editorial, production and marketing services. And these ads play on people’s deepest aspirations and the very human desire for expression. But all is not as it seems. Joel says he won't go into every single abuse that can be perpetrated by these companies. But please, understand one thing if nothing else: Subsidy publishers make money from selling services to authors, not from selling books to book buyers.

There are probably lots of small companies out there who do all the things a subsidy publisher should do. And their clients are lucky to find them. But let’s face it, these small companies cannot compete with the giants of subsidy publishing.

Joel's advice? Know exactly what you are paying for, and don’t sign anything until you’ve talked to other authors who have used the service, and done some research on the company and their policies.

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