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Create Fictional Characters With Zodiac Signs

Stars Help Understand Your Characters

A Writer's Guide to the Zodiac: How the Stars Can Help You Understand Your Characters. This book is a MUST for all authors, novelists, writers, aspiring writers and self published writers!

Astrology offers writers a powerful tool - a means by which to get to know the characters in any story - how they feel, think, and what motivates them.

As the individual energies associated with the star signs are explored, each character comes alive and their destiny is revealed.

Building Believable Novel Characters

Building Believable Novel Characters

Think of Scarlett O’ Hara from Gone With The Wind or Scout Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird. They never ever lived and they’ll never die. Yet Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee made their characters so believable they became immortal.

In our special featured series on building fictional characters we are building a reference so you can create characters who think, love, hope, cry, feel pain and even inflict pain.

Engage Your Reader With Character Emotions

Give Your Fictional Characters Emotional Impact

As an aspiring novelist you need to ensure your reader can relate to your character. Your reader needs to know the depth of emotion being experienced. Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi's Emotion Thesaurus explains that as emotional beings, feelings propel us. They drive our choices, determine who we spend time with, and dictate our values. Emotion also fuels our communication, allowing us to share meaningful information and beliefs with others.

In Ark: A Promise of Survival

In the year 2044, Mya Brand lives in New York City and pursues her passion—trying to digitally save the life story of every human on the planet before climate change makes Earth un-liveable. Recovering from a failed marriage, she stays laser-focused on her mission. With support from her actress best friend and bartender buddy, she is rebuilding her life and trying to heal her hard shell.

About the Author

Lisa Devaney is an American indie author living in London, England. Her debut novel 'In Ark: A Promise of Survival' is a cli-fi (climate change fiction) story set in New York City in the year 2044. Living with the impact of climate change, the main character, Mya Brand, struggles to survive until she is abducted by an eco-survivalist community that promises that her dreams will come true.

The author has spent a lifetime fascinated by the various storytelling mediums. As a child, she wrote and illustrated her own comic strip and won writing contests. Later, while single and living in New York City in the 1990's, she turned herself into an online cartoon character called (((Futuregirl))). She bravely decided to take her make-believe character offline and started performing in SLAM poetry-style. Soon, she became widely known and was often spotted out in the club scene dressed up as this superhero character. Moving to London in 2004, she took to the stage producing and performing her own cabaret shows, introducing audiences to her American hillbilly comedy skit 'The Hee Haw Whore House'.

Devaney also has a successful career as a publicist, including representing numerous technology clients through her consultancy the Hai Media Group. Prior to this, she had her career as an award-winning newspaper reporter. See:

Now part of the social media generation, she has taken enthusiastically to this new storytelling medium. She can be found on Twitter (@lisadevaney) or on Facebook at Sign up for her newsletter at:

Create Fictional People From 45 Master Characters

45 Master Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt

How do you start to build fictional characters when you're an an aspiring writer or author?

Using Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s archetypes will help you make sense of your character and their world. It certainly will help you to address, explore and deal with current situations coming out of your plot.

Before you are put off by the word ‘Archetypes – they are, quite simply, unconscious image patterns that cross cultural boundaries.


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