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When I was little, an artist once told me that she had never been bored as long as she had a pencil and piece of paper. That is my sentiment exactly.

I am a writer, editor, and illustrator, with illustration work that has ranged from children's books to bespoke stationary, while writing is predominantly on lifestyle, wellbeing, and leisure. For me, illustration is about a pencil, paper, and paint - nothing very sophisticated but utterly enjoyable - total escapism.

Growing up, like so many others, my favourite books were The Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. In particular, The Elephant's child was a favourite bedtime feature - so it stands to reason that that remains a constant source of inspiration, although in truth I am simply never happier than when I am drawing, and with any luck that comes across.

How You Know You're a Zebra is the first children's book that I have both written and illustrated, and while I hope that it has messages of self discovery, confidence, and perhaps even a little imagination, I mostly hope that it is something that will make adults and children smile, safe in the knowledge that they too will find their stripes.
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