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Charles Puccia is crime mystery novel writer and occasional satirical, humorous short stories. Obsession, love/inclusion, privilege and fear fuel the Vinnie Briggs series. He draws his eccentric characters from encounters in real life, enhanced by his worldwide travel and an inordinate fondness for coffee shops. His books deal with contemporary issues. Outlier Man explores high school bullying and Detour Man, like Ice Cream Man, obsessions produced by childhood trauma.

With long periods in Boston, New York, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Rome, Messina, and Montpelier, Charles brings realism to his unusual characters. He now enjoys the coffee shop mecca of Sarasota, Florida, refining his axiom that if something has a remote chance of being tasty, then try it and regret later. The same philosophy forces a health gym subscription, but unlike his bodybuilding protagonists, he has an aversion to heavy weights and mirrors.

Charles is an eclectic reader. He likes the challenge of Booker Prize authors and rereading classic literature, yet enjoys contemporary complex mystery and thriller, and ludicrous romance novels with happy endings. Humor is a must these days. He loves audiobooks, a welcomed companion during long-haul travel or short-haul workouts
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