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After teaching English and creative writing for a few decades at both the high school and the college levels, I imagined writing something substantial, but I had no clue for a subject. My involvement in buying and selling Viking artifacts, and doing the historical and archaeological research needed to be knowledgeable about them, certainly expanded my horizons. However, it wasn't until I stumbled on the figure of Eadric of Mercia that I found a subject I believed I could present in a genuinely different and hopefully interesting way.

As a side note, while I was learning about the Vikings, I came to the conclusion that I likely have some Norse blood in me. I'm Irish on both sides of my family, going way back, but I have blond hair, blue eyes, a red beard, and skin that just doesn't like the sun--which doesn't sound at all like Celtic physiology. In fact, the Vikings, primarily from Norway, invaded and in some cases settled in Ireland, especially along the east coast.

So, I tell myself that I am part Viking, but I have absolutely no interest in getting a DNA test to confirm or refute my theory. I like the idea of having some Viking ancestry, and I'll leave it at that. Science has its place, but so does a good story.
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