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Kerrie Woodhouse is an enthusiastic maker of things and life long learner. She has delightful twins, a PhD and a love of baking.

Kerrie is the author and illustrator of the Grace Girls series of books. This collection of illustrated inspirational books was created to encourage us all to accept what we cannot change and find our most joyful path in life. Kerrie is currently also working on fiction projects for both children and adults.
Kerrie used to do a whole lot of Very Serious Things. But a few years ago she remembered that life is supposed to be fun. For Kerrie, creative expression is fun. So now she makes sure that she creates something every day. Painting, drawing and writing about the world around her helps her notice and appreciate the little things that make our lives wonderful. If you want to find out more about this daily creation project head over to Kerrie’s website - you can snag yourself some downloadable art and other goodies while you are at it at 
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