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A fourth-generation farm girl, Kari Holloway specializes in southern fiction romance and fantasy, though she dabbles in other genres. Her family's farm plays a hand in her Laughing P series, with her mother collecting all sorts of animals, from cats to emus and everything in between. Kari uses these experiences, as well as her studies in Psychology from her time at Georgia Southwestern State University to really get into the minds of her characters, helping her to create people in her stories who are true to life. Especially cowboys, for which she has an affinity.

A native of Leesburg, Georgia, Kari spends her days writing, cuddling with her daughters, and baking delicious treats. She's also a bit of a shutterbug, taking kids and camera to some of her favorite places: aquariums, theme parks, museums, and zoos.

Kari enjoys hearing from her readers, and invites them to follow her blog and social media.
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