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Dr Magaretha de Klerk (nom de plume Margaretha Montagu) is an experienced medical doctor, a certified NLP practitioner, a medical hypnotherapist and an equine-assisted experiential learning coach (EAGALA level II).

In 2005, frustrated with the limitations of medical practice, Margaretha switched to equine-assisted experiential learning, realising a long-cherished dream of enabling others to live long, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, full of purpose and meaning with the help of her horses. Margaretha is especially interested in helping people manage stress more effectively and so avoid the mental and physical health damage that unbridled stress can cause. To reach an even wider audience, she took up writing in 2011.

Margaretha divides her time between London and the south of France, where she hosts mindfulness and meditation "Connect with Horses" 3/5/7-day residential workshops based on equine-assisted experiential learning and equine-guided meditation.
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