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My name really is N E Childe and I always had a story to tell but was reluctant to divulge a tale I wasn't sure anyone would believe. As a consequence, I endured a lifetime of depression and low-self esteem. Then, breaking news broke in the UK about a famous and high-profile celebrity’s past historic abuse of his status, position and power, and victims started coming out of the woodwork eager to tell their sad stories, and suddenly I had a light-bulb moment. I wasn't the only one to live with the shame and worthlessness I felt, and I could put forth my story, now - even in my middle years - of my toxic home-life as a child and my running away to what I thought was freedom in the big city, only to jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

There are people out there like me, and folk who will relate to how life that starts off on the wrong foot can continue along the wrong path. Yet, there is encouragement between the lines and silver linings to the smallest of clouds as my story unfolds, and I feel empowered by the words I've written and the help I have at last sought in a day and age where abused people like myself no longer have to suffer in silence. There is also now no more silence for those that break the law and break children’s' hearts, who molest naïve teenagers and terrorise young adults fairly confident they’ll get away with it. Despite the subject matter, I'd like to think this is written in a light-hearted manner without too much graphic detail. At the end of the day, it's a story of overcoming diversity against the odds, and because my name itself seems to read as 'Any Child', I felt now was the time to tell the story and, in so doing, I was finally able to put the past to rest.
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