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Shavonda Robinson is an author of
Thy Paintbrush Of Abstracting Images.
Hidden Voices Of Abuse For Women All Around The World.
Your Worst Nightmare.
I am A Free Woman Poems For A Little Girl.
Moving Phrases Into Inspiration.
Wear Your Purpose Like It's A Fashion Statement.
Poems Cries Out Beautiful Songs.
Saving Our Youth.
Love Scenes.
Love Memories In The Rain.
All Women Are Queens So Here Is Your Crown.
Build A Dream Build A Legacy By Using Your Talents.
Mesmerizing Falls.
World Of Issues.
A Woman's Strength Through Her Pen.
Jack The Dancing Caterpillar.
Playful Rhymes.
Drowning Souls On The Mend.
Spiritual Reflections/ I am Changed Woman.
Play Hour On Exploring.
Confessional Booth Volume One.
Dancing Souls Across The Horizon.
The Gift Of Love On Christmas Day.
She Is On The Rise.
Profound Voices Of Women Throughout The Movement.
Beautifully Invisible
Sailing Away On My Love Thoughts.
We are Fashionably Loud Sisters.
Pen Thoughts.
Spoken Truth Of A Misunderstood Girl.
Raindrops On Memories.
God Spiritual Hands
Freed My Soul.
Touch The Sky
I am Fearless Woman.
She Has A Purpose.
She is an award winning, published songwriter
and poet.
Songs written
Love Hour,
Love Corruption,
Written Alibi's,
Forgive Me Or Forgive Me Not,
Liars and Cheaters,
Kiss Her Now,
She has published in many anthologies and magazines.
She has a degree in Creative Writing.
She is the founder of "Creative Something For The Future" an poetry magazine for upcoming poets and writers.
She is the owner of Color Me Beautiful Collection
From her online store
Inspiring Your Desires.
She has two beautiful children.
She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.
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