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Sue is a speaker, common sense coach and author but is also a wife to one and mum of five.
When not writing, she can be found pottering around the house, looking after her orchids, learning something new, or sitting in her recliner.

Born in London she has a Certificate of Education and a B.A. neither of which told her about how life really works.
She was busy but all caught up in life and helping people. But she forgot to help herself first. She noticed friends who were depressed, alcoholics, or suffering from trauma, change before her eyes. They started to see that their past didn’t need to get in the way of their happiness.

She was led to the water trough but it took her a while to want to drink with the others. She heard about the Three Principles, thought it was great for others but she didn’t need to hear it.

But then a new thought popped into her head, allowing her to ‘let go’. Sue slipped into (and often out of) understanding what makes humans tick and trained with some outstanding facilitators in this field.
She slowed down, feels more love for everyone around her, including herself and realises that life is fun and worth living.
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