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I live on the outskirts of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England and I came to writing relatively late in life having also found art and music a voice-pieces of creativity in the past.
THE SPIRIT OF PETERBOROUGH is my flagship series of stories along with I'LL BE THERE FOR THE REPLAY. Both are mystery ghost stories that centre themselves around strands of true past events which will leave the reader thinking.
The important thing to know is that as an author. I tend to write from the heart about the things in life that grab me the most. Whatever i do I feel compelled to get my message out there.
I reckon every story has a message, it's just that sometimes it's quite hidden. I like to write about strange occurrences in our every day lives and weave them into fictional tales that generally have a ghostly, and slightly scary supernatural twist to them.
I have a large family, lots of lovely children and life is good. If I am not writing or promoting my books I am out watching junior football matches or at the athletics track. My other passion in life is music. I both play the keyboard and write pieces for piano and the like.
i am currently working on two new mystery series. PROPHECY OF PEACE is already out there - the opener for The 'Mysteries of the Oracle' series, and I have written the first draught for another series that begins in 1964 in London . . .
If you get to reading my books don't expect horror, shocking deaths and blood-curdling thrills. Do expect to be taken to another place, perhaps to a corner of your mind that yearns to find out that little bit more about what it might be like if things could or did really happen this way! Who is to say that they won't?
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