Book Hub Has Struck Gold

Newsletter Swap Suggestions for authors

Book Hub has stuck gold!

We've been testing our different memberships for the past couple of months and so far the Gold Membership is proving to be most popular. That's because we'll be promoting author mailing lists each month in our newsletter and because of our Newsletter Swap Suggestion service.

There's so much bubbling away on Book Hub, here's a list of news we have for you:

Newsletter Swap Suggestions

Book Hub's Newsletter Swap Suggestion Service, exclusive to Book Hub Members, is here! We've been testing the system with some of our authors who have been very excited about what we are doing.

If you haven't heard about newsletter slot swapping, find out how my novel became a PAID bestseller due to author newsletter slot swaps and cross promotions.

Now you can get automated suggestions on authors either in your genre or if your readers will find their books interesting. Pop over to our Author Memberships to see what we have on offer.

Monthly Review Requests

We also have Review Requests where you can offer your book on review every month during a yearly membership for the same price as 2 months review requests bookings! We already have authors using this service in our Bronze Membership.

Promote Your Author Mailing List

We will be promoting our Gold Members' mailing lists in our monthly newsletters. You'll see banners around the site similar to this one below where we are encouraging our readers and visitors to sign up to our authors' mailing lists. Take a look at Subscribe to our Authors to see if you'd like us to promote your mailing list. You can have your list promoted in our Gold Membership.

Subscribe to our authors and find new books to read

Author of the Month

Will you be our Author of the Month? We are inviting our readers to list their favourite authors and we will feature a new author every month. Ask your readers to nominate you to be featured as our Author of the Month here!

The Book Marketing Summit

I was thrilled and honoured to be invited to speak at The Book Marketing Summit. I used to do so many speaking events, from the London Book Fair to the big business expos. But since moving to Spain my location (albeit stunningly beautiful and peaceful to write) has put the skids on my speaking events.

Of course, The Book Marketing Summit is online so that didn't stop me jumping at the chance to share my book marketing experience!

Join me at The Book Marketing Summit where I chat about cross promotions, joint author mailings and how authors can grow their mailing lists super-fast by connecting with other authors. X-Promotion is my talk on Sunday 5th February. I hope you'll pop over and see me in person!

book marketing summit

Author Cross Promotions

Our first two cross promotions of 2017 start this week, Thrillers and Historical Fiction. We've had a lot of authors asking for other genres so we have now set up promos for Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Non-Fiction.

If you'd like us to run a cross promo in another genre, please book under the 'Genre Cross Promotion' and when we get a bunch of authors we will plan the promo. Or drop us a line asking for your genre promo. All our cross promotions for this year will be listed here so keep an eye on the page.

Authors' Book Marketing Series

If you're still trying to get your books into the PAID bestselling chartson Amazon you may want to read my Authors' Book Marketing Series.

The series starts off with Book Marketing for Authors: Essential Steps for Before, During and After Your Book Launch, which explains each step authors need to do at the various stages of writing their book.

The next book is Email Marketing for Authors: How To Use Email Marketing To Find New Readers and explains why email marketing is vital in the book marketing process. Although I only have 1 novel I have several non-fiction books and I run several online bussinesses which all rely on email marketing as their main source of revenue and member communication. So, I've taken my many years of experience in email marketing and I show authors who are new to email marketing how to use this wonderful activity to grow their reader base.

The third book is Book Promotion for Authors: How To Grow Your Readers' Fan Base With Cross Promotions, which gives you all the ins and outs on working with other authors on various types of author cross promotions.

The fourth book is Book Selling for Authors: 7 Essential Steps To Becoming A Bestseller. This book gives you the steps that I took to get my novel into the PAID bestseller charts. You can download this book free here.

So why am I telling you all this? Because if you'd like to read any of them and give the book a quick review on Amazon, I'd be most grateful. We all know how important reviews are! Each book touches on getting reviews. If you want to learn a few more book marketing tips and then give me a quick review, please apply to review my Authors' Book Marketing Series.

Apply to review my Authors' Book Marketing Series.


February Readers Newsletter

Our next newsletter is in the planning. It will go out on the 15th. If you'd like to advertise for review requests or any book offers, please make your bookings here by the 5th February.

If you'd like any other news about how to market your book, please get in touch. We love hearing new ideas and suggestions so please drop us a line if you'd like to see any other book marketing services on Book Hub.

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