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Every month, Book Hub send out a newsletter to our dedicated mailing list of readers. This list is growing by the week, and you can get your books and book offers in front of tens of thousands of potential fans.

Authors can pick from a variety of methods to enter the newsletter.

Exclusive Book Giveaways

Book Hub is now offering authors the chance to advertise their exclusive giveaway to our readers. We have a 45k mailing list with ten thousand who have specially asked to be notified about giveaways! This Exclusive Giveaway is focused on your books or reader related prize.

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Hosted Review Requests

Upscale your review requests by taking a hosted review service which we advertise extensively to all our genres, plus in our newsletter and on social media.

We offer a range of review options to suit any budget, from one-off mail outs in our newsletter to a full hosted review service, all working within Amazon guidelines to get you the most and best reviews possible.

Gain more amazon reviews for your work through our ever growing, dedicated and engaged reader lists.

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Book Offers

Free books, 99c books, Discounted books, Normal price books... Whatever your offer, you can promote them to our mailing list.


Jackson Dean Chase: Thank you so much! All told, I've had over 100 signups between the reviews and your Mail Shot for Gore Girls.

Debbie Cassidy: From your mailer last night, I have had almost 100 new sign ups! Thank you Paula

J Naomi Ay: Over the course of the mailer, I had about 250 new sign ups! Very pleased. Thanks so much, Paula.

Norma Hinkens: I’ve been thrilled with the results of the mailing (153 new subscribers so far). Great value so I will definitely look forward to working with Paula again!

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First Chapter Spotlight

What better way to find new readers than to offer them a few chapters to read. If they like the book they will download the book and you get book sales.

This is another great way to build your mailing list with new reader subscribers because you provide a link on your website or via your emailing provider. Like the other promotions mentioned above, this is very easily done in MailChimp and you can even set up an automated 'welcome' message when they sign up to get your free chapters, which gives them the download link.

Your free chapters will be featured in our next newsletter after you make the booking.

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Genre Blasts

As we as our multi-genre readers list, Book Hub also offers access to our lists of genre specific book fans. Sent out on a weekly basis in rotation by Genre, this is a great way for you to add to your reader lists with dedicated followers of your style of books.

Take a look at when your next Blast is set to go out to our readers, below. 

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