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As authors, we know Beta Readers play an important part in helping us (both new authors and established authors) to get their novel ready for publication. Book Hub has set up a Beta Reader Service for authors to find readers who match certain skills or expertise, along with helping your story development.

What Can Our Beta Readers Do?

Authors looking for Beta Readers may require different bits of advice and feedback from their Beta Reader.

Here are a few examples:

  • Make suggestions to improve the story
  • Give feedback on the book's characters
  • Feedback if the character is believable or if they like an don't like them
  • Suggest ideas on how to improve the authenticity of characters
  • Comments about the setting and how it plays a part in the story (or doesn't)
  • Find plot holes and comment on believability
  • Advise on slow parts of the story and mention fast paced areas
  • Problems with continuity (was the character sitting down a minute ago and now they are suddenly looking out the window)
  • Find and improve elements such as grammar and spelling

If you would like us to match you with a Beta Reader, we have asked our Beta Readers if they are happy to comment on story development or spot typos. Or both.

THIS IS NOT A REVIEW: Beta reading is different from a book review! If you are looking for reviewers, check our Review Request service.
THEY ARE NOT EDITORS: It is not their expertise or job to fix every grammar or spelling mistake. Many beta readers will make note of these mistakes as they catch them, but your work should be traditionally edited after they have read your manuscript and before you publish it.
SOME MAY BE HAPPY: to fill out a detailed survey and questionnaire so you have in depth information on what did and didn’t work for them.

PLEASE NOTE: Just because we offer so many areas of expertese from our Beta Readers, doesn't mean you need to ask about all of them! Only fill in the boxes below that you need. You can ignore anything that you don't think matters (You're not going to get much life experience of living in a location for your Sci Fi set on a distant world!)

Beta Reader Plus

Authors are always looking for readers expert in a certain field. So we have asked these very questions of our Beta Readers:

  • Industry sectors: only if they are confident enough to point out errors or make suggestions to an author who has written about this industry
  • Town, City and Country: any places they know well enough to make comments on a setting. Or they have travelled extensively and know the ins and outs of certain places that could help an author liven up a setting
  • Skills and Expertise: So far we have Beta Readers with lots of skills and expertise. Ranging from horse owners to medical practitioners and paralegals. We will use your keywords to search and find any Beta Reader who has listed this skill and expertise.

All of these seemingly small things could help you develop your story or make amends based on their comments.

For example, we have readers who have experiene in a variety of industries, from the prison system, police procesdures, military and immigration. We have specialists in Microbiology and Immunology, molecular biology, theatre industry Backstage, a breastfeeding counsellor and even a baptist preacher.

Some of our readers have expertise in areas such as pain management, bipolar disorder and borderline schizophrenia, living with an alcoholic and working on wall street.

Our Search

We will search our database of Beta Readers based on your details below. If we find ideal matches we will contact them and ask if they want to beta read your book. If they do, we will put them in touch with you. If we cannot find an ideal match in our database, we will advertise to our genre lists asking for readers who may want to beta read your book. All this takes time so you are paying for our time to match you up with the ideal Beta Reader for your book.

Beta Reader Match Fees

5 Beta Readers = £15 
10 Beta Readers = £25

Thank you for your interest in finding Beta Readers!

We will match your details below to our list of Beta Readers and get in touch with you. Please watch for the payment on the next page. Add our email to your contacts list to be sure you never miss an email from us when we have found your Beta Readers. Look for your email confirmation that will be sent to your inbox. If it does not arrive in a few minutes, search your junk box.








Select the genre for your Beta Reader
Are you looking for advice and comments from a Beta Reader on story development or typos and grammar as well?
Are you looking for someone who has lived in one of these countries and knows it well enough to make comments on the same setting in your book.
From the list of countries about, please list any towns or cities or places in that country that you may want to ask a Beta Reader to check setting details.
Please add any industry sectors in your story and where you want a Beta Reader to point out errors or make suggestions on this industry. Please add each industry sector on a different line.
Add any skills, expertise or experience that could help develop your story.
Tell us what ELSE you want in your Beta Reader that is not already listed here.
Title of the book you want beta read.
Give a brief description of the book you want beta read.
If you have a cover for the book, give an image link so we can show our Beta Readers to entice them to Beta Read your book.
When will your book be ready for the Beta Readers? Please plan in advance to be sure we have match our Beta Readers with your book.
Do you want your Beta Reader to complete a questionaire with specific points? Or general feedback in a written critique? Or possibly a Word document tracking any typos or grammar they find?
If you have any other requirements please list them here.
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