How Book Hub's Cross Promotions Work

If you are new to the concept of author cross promotions please read this post on The Author's Cross Promotion Guide to find out why, how and where to use cross promotion in your book marketing campaigns.

What is Cross Promotion

Cross Promotion is when a group of authors get together to promote their books. This can be as simple as swapping a slot in each other's newsletters or joining into a joint author mailing where everyone involved emails their mailing list to promote a book giveaway or reader magnet landing page.

Book Hub runs regular cross promotions where we give away a book bundle in genres or specific categories such as boxsets or book series.

The Power of Cross Promotion

  • The more authors the more entries we will receive.
  • October 2016 had 48 authors in the promotion and received 2057 entries!
  • Our Thriller promo received 1644 entries from 22 authors.
  • Our Historical Fiction promo received 1244 entries from 20 authors.
  • This proves the power of cross promotion!
  • Read these author testimonials

Benefit to Authors: Super-fast mailing list growth! Find out what kind of results other authors' have had on the link below.

What You Do

  1. You donate a book to the giveaway.
  2. You email your mailing list on the day the promo starts.
  3. You also need to share the promo through your social channels. Think of it this way, every new person you reach with your mailing and sharing means a new download and thus a subscriber to your mailing list.
  4. After the promo ends you send your book to the winner. This can be either paperback or eBook. Most authors give eBooks as they are easier to send and of course cheaper to send!

Remember too, that you’re now part of a supportive unit of authors all after the same thing: book promotion. So, everyone pulling their weight means the wagon WILL move! Don’t underestimate the power of all those participating authors. The impact is awesome!

What You Get

  1. We promote your sign up links as shown in the entry form below. Make sure you give us the correct link as you cannot change this after booking.
  2. Also make sure you give us text that will encourage readers to go to your list to sign up. Examples: Download free historical mystery thriller OR Historical Mystery Thriller Sample Chapters
  3. When the promo is over, you will receive a copy of all the entrants to the competition. Thus a super-fast way to grow your mailing list!
  4. See how the contests will look to readers.

Which Book

You can add any book to the promo. It does not have to be listed at any special price because the promo is a giveaway. You can give a paperback or an eBook. Most authors do the latter as it is easier to send and of course, cheaper!

The Readers' Entry Requirements

On the entry page we state the following to readers:
A. We show the number of winners. You donate one book and we divide the number of books up so that we can have 2 or 3 winners.
B. We say that each entrant will receive a free book or free chapters from the author. This is to help you when you first contact the reader after you receive the entries. By offering them an incentive, (which can be anything small) they are more likely to stay on your list.
C. We state that by entering they will be subscribed to the participating authors lists.

Reader Magnet Cross Promotions

Authors can offer their free books (also called Reader Magnets) to get readers to subscribe to their mailing list in order to download the free book. All authors signing up send details of the 'Free Books' to their mailing lists via their monthly newsletter. This is not a book giveaway as the others listed above.

Here you simply book your mailing list link into the promo and you email your readers about the promotion. All authors doing this in a previous promo had lots of new sign ups.

There is no way of knowing how many sign ups you will receive, so it is up to you to ensure you give an enticing text phrase to hook the readers coming to the promotion page to sign up to your list!

Benefit to Authors: Discover new readers from the combined impact of all the authors mailing the promotion details to their mailing lists. An ideal way to capture new leads and grow your mailing list! Find out what kind of results other authors' have had on the link below.

Cross Promotions Prices

Most cross promotions cost £25 which includes a sign up link. Some cross promotions may vary in price and if that is the case, this will be stated on the page.


Cross Promotions List

Keep your eye on our 2017 Cross Promotions for Authors to see a list of up and coming cross promotions.

Author Groups

Feel free to join any of these author groups to help you with your writing and book marketing.

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