How To Add Free Chapters

When you list your book on Book Hub, you have the opportunity to showcase your first few chapters (as many as you want) to our readers. These chapters will be visible under your book's cover image.

If you are a bronze, silver or gold member, your book's free chapters will automatically appear on our First Chapter Spotlight page which we actively promote to our readers in our newsletters and other promotional activities.

Below you will find an example of how your free chapters link will look to the reader as well as instructions on how to add your chapters.

How To Add Your Book's Free Chapters

Here's how to add your chapters:

1. List your book on Book Hub. When you have registered you will land on your Author Dashboard, which has a 'Welcome' message, shown below.

Click on the link in the right hand block that says 'Add Your Book'.

2. When you are adding your book's details you will see a box that allows you to feature your free chapters. See this screenshot below which shows the title 'Free Chapters' with a title for your chapters and the URL link to where the reader can download the chapters.

Ideally, you will give them a link to your website to download the chapters or better still, your emailing provider so you can capture reader emails and thus build your readers mailing list.

how to add free book chapters to book hub

3. After you have completed all the details for adding your book to Book Hub, your book will look like this example shown below, where you can see the free chapters listed with the link.

If you want to check this, go to where you can see this example in action.


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