How To Add Review Requests

If you are a Bronze, Silver or Gold Member, your Author Dashboard will be the place to set your review requests.

Follow these steps to set your review requests each month. You must have added a book to do this. If you have not added a book yet, find out how to add your book.

1. Go to your Author Dashboard where you will see a block with your books called 'Edit My Books. This is a view of all your books. It looks like this example:

2. Click on the book you want to include in our Review Requests.

3. On your book's page, click on 'Edit' and open your book's listing.

4. Have your review link (where readers can review your book) handy. Ideally, this link will be a place on your website or within your mailing list provider where you can offer your book as a free download to be reviewed.

You can add a 'welcome message' and include your book's download link either via BookFunnel or through your website. By doing this, you capture the readers' emails and you can email them after a few weeks to remind them to post their review.

5. Paste your review link into the box called 'Download Review Copy Link'. See this screenshot below to see what it looks like.

6. Save this setting!

7. Go back to your Author Dashboard. Here's a reminder on how to find your Author Dashboard.

8. Here you will see 'Edit My Books' with a view of all your books. Under each book will be a link saying 'Set Review Request'.

8. Click on the 'Set Review Request' for the book that you want to include for review for that month. You are allowed to add two books each month.

IMPORTANT: The books will automatically expire after 30 days. This is to avoid authors forgetting about their books and 'older review requests' clogging up the page. You can reset your book again the following month. Choose either the same book for the following month or a new book.

9.You will now see the 'Set Review Requests' has changed to 'Unset Review Requests'. See this example below.


10. Once you have selected and 'Set Review Requests' that book/those two books will automatically be featured in our Book Review Requests page requesting our readers to review your book. The book will be shown to our readers for 30 days. You can set or unset any of your books at any time.

As long as you have done the steps above and your books have a 'Download Review Link' they will be shown.

Troubleshooting: If your book is not on our Book Review Requests page it means you have not added a download link or set your review request.

Don't forget to come back and do this again each month to reset your review requests so all your books have a chance to get reviews throughout your membership!

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