How To Edit Your Books

When you have added your book and want to change or amend any details, follow these steps to edit your book

Edit Your Book Listing

If you need to come back at any time and edit your book listing, follow these steps:

1. Login here. Or hit LOGIN on the menu.
2. You will land on your Author Dashboard. If you ever get lost when browsing the site, find out how to find your author dashboard.
3. You will see a block with your books called 'Edit My Books. This is a view of all your books. It looks like this example:

2. Click on the book you want to edit.

3. On your book's page, click on 'Edit' and open your book's listing.

4. Make the changes and hit save!

PLEASE NOTE: if you are NOT logged in you will see a 'Whoops' error page so you must be logged in to edit your book listing.
ANOTHER NOTE: The image above shows 'unset review request' - this is for Bronze, Silver or Gold Members.

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