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January Newsletter Offer

We are now preparing our January Newsletter so grab your slot quickly as we close bookings tomorrow: Authors booking before midnight tomorrow will get one free using the code: NLBOGOFPN54.

Newsletter Features

Book Hub offers authors lots of variety when it comes to advertising their books in our monthly newsletter. Our prices range from £15 upwards so please browse through these options to see which suits your book marketing activities.

  1. Author Memberships - choose a membership to get regular exposure every month over a year
  2. Review Requests - we have several options, from cheap and cheerful to a fully hosted request service where we manage everything for you and you get the reader requests so you are list building as well!
  3. Book Offers - Advertise a free or discounted book
  4. Exclusive Book Giveaways - build your readers list with a book giveaway. Some authors have had more than 500 entrants!

Genre Email Blast

Lots of authors have been asking how they can get onto my BIG send this week. I did send emails about it earlier in the month and the authors who responded are the ones who will be included. To make sure you get in with these kinds of offers, please respond quickly to future emails.

Find this month's Genre Email Blast details.

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Tight Budget?

Join our sister site, Book Giveaways, where you can pin all your books, add your review quotes, your book giveaways and much more. For a small fee per month, we promote different category links to our readers. Find out all the book promotions you can do on Book Giveaways. 

Every month we include the 'free books' and 'review copies' category links. On top of that we will tell all registered authors on Book Giveways about other promotional mailers. For example, we will do a review quotes mailer where we tell our readers to pop over and look at your review quotes. We also showcase Free Chapters in our monthly newsletter ~ you pin your free chapters to this category with a link to your mailing list for reader sign ups.

Or we will ask them to join your genre mailing list.





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