Monthly Promotions

Throughout the year Book Hub are offering authors the chance to showcase their books to readers. Scroll down this page to see what we are offering on a month by month basis. Some are open to every genre, some are more specific. So why not Find out how Author Cross Promotions work and see which of them fit the bill.

Looking for even better value in your book promotions? Why not take out a Book Hub membership with either three or six cross promotions included in your membership fee!





Summer Showcase

What’s better in the summer than sitting on the beach, or by the pool with a good book to read? The summer is approaching and people around the world are thinking about getting away for a relaxing break. So now’s the time to showcase all of our authors to potential readers around the world, as they stock up on books to take away.


North America Showcase

The first week in July is a pretty big deal in North America with Canada Day falling on the 1st and of course Independence Day in the U.S. on the 4th. So to celebrate, we’re running a cross promotion across all genres to showcase all things North American. 

Scary Books

This promotion is open for any books written to keep people right on the edge of their seats and send a tingle down their spine. Crime, Thriller, Mystery or Horror. If your book makes people jump at noises outside, then this promotion is for you.


Soft Reads

A good book can be like a warm, snuggly blanket. You immerse yourself in it and find that warm, tingly sensation in your stomach. Open to any genre, this is for any books that are light and fluffy and guaranteed to bring happiness.


International Literact Day

International Literary Day is another promotion that doesn’t really need any explanation. Reading is our raison d'être so it stands to reason that we should celebrate attempts to ensure international literacy. This one is open to all genres and offers a great chance to build your reader lists and promote yourself to our thousands of international readers. 



Boo! Did that scare you? October means Halloween and that means horror and the paranormal. Our spooky showcase for those genres will run this month, giving you the chance to give our readers a fright, and grow your readership, too! 


Black Friday

Do you have a reader magnet, a special offer, a giveaway? It's Black Friday in November, so it's time to promote all of your limited special offers and also build your reader list! 


Christmas Gift Guide

After last year’s successful gift-guide, we are looking to run a similar promotion. Another great way to promote yourself to not only our list of readers, but also people who they are buying presents for! 



Australia and New Zealand Showcase

Australia Day falls in January (with New Zealand Day a few days after in early February) so it’s time to give a chance for our Antipodean Authors to showcase their work to our international readers with our multi-genre reader list building cross promotion. 


Valentine's Day

February means Valentine’s Day, and that means one thing… Romance!

If you would like your books promoted to thousands of readers who might be feeling a little more romantic than usual this month, you can sign up for our Romance Cross Promotion, which is already up and running.


UK and Ireland Showcase

With no definitive ‘day’ for the entire of the UK and Ireland it’s not so easy to pick a time to showcase our Authors from our part of the world. (We’re not about to try and ask Irish, Scottish and Welsh authors to buy into a St George’s Day promotion!) But because of the way school holidays fall here, we have a different World Book Day. So we’re taking the opportunity to give all of our British and Irish Authors of any genre, a chance to reach out to our worldwide readership list. 

World Poetry Day

March also sees World Poetry Day, giving us the chance to promote any self-published poets to our readers list...

An exciting new Book Hub Promotion
We're soon to be setting in motion
You can sign up below
It's quite easy, you know
And we'll make your book cause a commotion.

(OK. We'll leave the poetry to you...) 


World Book Day

This month’s promotions really doesn’t need much in the way of introduction. World Book Day falls in April, and we’re all about books! Whatever your genre, this is a great chance to promote your books and expand your readership.

World Children's Book Day

April also sees International Children’s Book Day, so as a lifelong love of reading begins in childhood, we’re also giving our children’s authors a chance to shine.


Out of this World

Anything that is of 'the other'. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopian futures, epic space operas or thoughtful isolation. Take this chance to take our readers list on a journey to the edge of your imagination.

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