National Newspaper Banner Advertising Campaign

Would you like to get your book in front of Mail-Online, The Telegraph and The Guardian readers?

Book Hub is continually looking for new opportunities to get in front of new readers. We believe nothing ventured is nothing gained. We will keep trying new avenues until we tap into that golden pond of readers we are all searching for!

We have found an opportunity to get your book in front of UK and US online readers of these papers.

How Do We Do This?

  1. We create a landing pages.
  2. The company create a selection of banner adverts for both campaigns and run them us over one month, giving us an estimated 100,000 banner advert impressions.
  3. In the first week, they monitor to see which banner ads are clicked on the most and then show those banners for the reminder of the campaign
  4. Our banner advert shows the landing page, not any author's individual books. Duh, I know it sounds silly to even say this, but I will be asked this question.

As they have not done anything like this before, they don't know what their readers will react to the most. All three newspapers have high income readers. Does that mean they will only buy books? Or download free books to discover new authors? At the least they would possibly buy the 99c/p books because they are high earners so buying cheaper books will give them the chance to find new books. But maybe lots of those readers may want to read a new author for the first time as a free book and then buy more if they like their books.

The company have no way of knowing what will get the best results or even what genres these readers would prefer and as such we are offering you the chance to advertise two books ~ one paid and one free!

What We Get

We get banner ads on these quality national newspaper sites at a huge discount.

There is no quarantee where our banner advert will appear, only how many times ~ 100,000 impressions to be exact. But they will give us a selection of banner adverts in different places, ie at the top of the page, down the side and even within the content of pages.

Free and Paid Books

  1. You can choose to advertise a paid book or a free book.
  2. Because we don't know what these readers will react to the most, you can choose to capture emails with a free book or go for paid sales with your Amazon link. Or do both.
  3. If your book is not 99pence or cents, you can select another price category or better still make the book 99c for the month of the promo. We encourage you to make your book 99c for the month of this promotion. This is especially important if you have a back list. By giving one book at a knock-down price, the reader will more than likely buy your other books at the normal price. Of course, that's if they like the book!
  4. If you don't have a free book, you can offer free chapters.
  5. Any book price is fine! You don't have to do a 99pence promotion.

What Will Book Hub Do?

If you decide to join in, and make your booking below, Book Hub will work with this company to create a landing page with the offer mentioned above. Each book cover shown on the page will link directly to your sign up, or to your book on Amazon.

What Will You Do?

You have to ensure the reader knows what they get when they click through to your sign up page. For instance, don't have 'sign up here' with no book cover or incentive. What the heck are they getting if they sign up? You have to think like a reader and hook them in every way possible to sign up to your list. Book Hub can only send the reader to your sign up page, they cannot make them add their details ~ if you don't do your part and show them WHY they should be on your list.

Can You Advertise More Than 1 Book?

If you want to offer more than one free or paid book, you have the option to advertise two books. Both can be free or paid. However, we suggest you try at least one paid and one free book to see which this audience will react to the most.

Do You Get Emails?

Yes! But that's only if the readers like the look of your book cover and go to your link to download the book. Like horses that you can take to a water trough, you can't make them drink. Your book cover has to do that trick!

What Dates?

As soon as we have a fantastic offer to give these highly trafficked sites, we will run the campaign. Make sure you sign up to the Facebook Updates groups provided in the email after your booking to find out the exact date the campaign will start.

Gold Members

If you have PAID for a Book Hub Gold Membership, you get this consumer advertising campaign and the next ones planned for free. Find out about all the reader list building actitivites in our Gold Membership. If you book your Gold Membership BEFORE this Banner Advertising Campaign, you will get it free, we cannot refund you afterwards. You will need to book and PAY for your Gold Membership first and then contact us for a link to the booking form for this promo.

Acceptable Links

BookFunnel, your own website capture link and a mailing list provider. We won't accept Instafreebie links! WHY? I don't feel that it is fair to you that you pay for this and then IF gets the readers for free to market other books to those readers! Most authors don't realise that IF do this, but it's a well-known fact that they use the readers from your marketing campaigns sent to IF for their own marketing purposes and promote other authors books. So, why should you pay to get some of these readers and then just hand them over to IF!
You are welcome to use BookFunnel, your website and a mailing list provider to capture the emails and use them for yourself in future :)

If you have not used BookFunnel before, I have a discount code you can use which is specially set up for Book Hub. Or you can upgrade your existing account to get the next level discount at this link:

If you are on the basic plan and want to upgrade to the yearly Mid-List plan, send BookFunnel a quick email quoting 'Book Hub Discount', and they will apply a $50 credit after you have upgraded. Please note: This is not an affiliate link. Book Hub has asked BookFunnel to kindly provide a discount for our authors and they have. We do not earn any money from this, we simply want authors to have more options.

Private Facebook Group For Updates

When you hit submit you will be shown a Facebook group to join. This group is a private group for all promotional updates. Please note: If you are not happy to join the group to get updates, please do not book below. The whole point of me giving updates in a FB group is to make life easier. I can't email different authors who don't want to join my group for updates and then still update everyone else in my group!

As crazy as it sounds, I often have authors asking me to send them individual updates because they don't want to join a group. With all the book marketing activities and promotions I run, I don't have time to email individual authors ~ considering that at any one time I am working with anything from a few hundred to a thousand authors.

Sorry, if you don't want to join my group for updates, just don't make this booking ....

Two Important Steps

This is a 2 step process
1. Payment
2. Booking

To be involved you MUST ensure you have done both steps! Please don't only complete the first step and wonder why you are not in the promo. You MUST complete the payment AND the booking.


  • £15 for one book advertised
  • £20 for two books advertised
As this is an advertising campaign, there will be no refunds after your booking. This is not a cross promotion so the only data you will receive is any interested readers who subscribe to download your free book or chapters and any sales you get from your 99c or discounted book. As mentioned above, the more professional and captivating your cover, the more chance you have of capturing the reader's attention and thus getting them to download your book.

Boost Your Booking

Boost your booking with a banner advert. You can make any offer or get readers to subscribe to any download page with your banner advert.
Rotating Sidebar Banner (220 x 220 px): this banner position rotates with other banner ads = £10.00
Rotating Top (728 x 90 px): this banner position rotates with other banner ads at the top of the page = £10.00
On Page Banner (700 x 80 px): this banner position is static on the page and does not rotate with other banners = £15.00

* IMPORTANT: If you book a banner advert, it is your responsibility to send the correct size image with a link to the email address given in your booking confirmation email. If you don't send it, it will not be included.


Click the button below to make your Booking AND your PayPal payment.













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