Review Request Application

Please follow these guidelines for setting up your application page. We will direct the reader straight to your web application or mailing list capture form.

** Publishers: if you have lots of books you'd like to feature for review requests, please get in touch with us to work out pricing and booking.

Your Application Page

  • Set up a page on your website.
  • See example here: Or you can use this example which side-steps a page on your site and goes straigt to mail chimp: Mailchimp example. Please ignore the DATE DEADLINE on both these examples as I have now changed that to have all requests within 30 days ~ see below.


Apply Below

We will ask for these details:
Book Title
Book one-liner or two at the most
Book URL: Give a smart link or genius link that will go to the readers country amazon (see the one I used on my sample page)
When needed [time frame of when you need the review, bearing in mind my send dates are once a month]
Request URL (this is where potential reviewers will go to apply to review your book that is why you needed to do this prior to adding your request here).
* Remember: Everyone likes different books. Certain books attract more attention quicker than others so make sure you have a great cover and appealing description on your sign up page, which will generate more interest.

Can I Use Amazon Link?

Yes, you can but you lose control:

1. who is downloading for the review so you can't chase them or send them a nudge reminder
2. you won't capture their emails and thus be unable to tell them about your next book (s)

But if you want to give an Amazon link, that is fine too. Either way I don't mind, your choice.


Please make the payment after you have made your booking, you will be given a link to make the payment. If the payment is not made immediately after the booking, your booking will be null and void.

Thank you!

By entering you understand your email will be added to the Book Hub mailing list for authors. You may opt out of any list at any time in the future. Please read our Privacy Notice.




OPTIONAL: You are welcome to add a one line description if you don't want us to use the first sentence in your book's listing on Book Hub. If this field is not completed, we will use the first sentence in your book's listing. If this field is completed, we will use the sentence you add here.
Where can we get images and details of your book? Either a BookHub, Amazon or GoodReads URL
Request URL (this is where potential reviewers will go to apply to review your book. This can either be a web page capture form or a mailing list capture form (example MailChimp).
What month would you like us to advertise your review request? The reader will be asked to review the book 'within 30 days of their request'.
If another author recommended you, please tell us their name so we can thank them!
This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.
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