Sci-Fi Advertising Cross Promotion

Science Fiction Advertising and Cross Promotion


You might have seen our recent promotion of an advertising campaign with The Guardian. We were delighted with the response from our authors to this new initiative, and we are now branching out to print adverts in genre specific publications. For this Sci-Fi promotion, we are taking ad space in two Sci-Fi magazines (Analog Science Fiction and Asimov's Science Fiction), with a combined readership of almost 50,000 in the Sci Fi genre 

We will also advertise this to Book Hub's readers and the combined reader lists of the cross promotion participants - which currently stands at almost 70,000!

Your Sci-Fi Book

To make the adverts really stand out, we need some exciting images. And what better eye-popping images do we have than the covers of your wonderful books! So we are offering 10 authors the chance to have their cover used in this advert and get your book directly in the eyeline of tens of thousands of sci fi fans.

To maximise the return on this promotion, we will also be offering a book bundle competition.

We Will Be In These Sci-Fi Magazines

If you haven't seen the magazines, this is what they look like.

Benefit To Authors

As well as the obvious benefits of print advertising to reach new audiences who are already big enough fans of your genre to pay the cover price of a dedicated magazine, you will discover new readers from the combined impact of all the authors mailing the promotion details to their mailing lists. An ideal way to capture new leads and grow your mailing list! Find out what kind of results other authors' have had on the link below.

Premium Booking

  • The first 10 authors to book a premium slot will have their book cover in the magazine.
  • There are 5 slots in each Sci-Fi magazine to be filled so hurry if you want your book cover in the magazine.
  • The premium bookings (that choose to be in the magazine advert) will also have their book cover at the top of the landing page.
  • You will also receive a genre entry list.
  • See the image above for an idea of how the advert will look in the magazine. This is only an example.
  • The price to be included in this magazine advert landing page + cross promotion is £60.00.


Standard Booking

  • All other authors will have their book cover on the landing page.
  • You will receive a genre entry list.
  • The price to be included on the landing page + cross promotion is £30.00.

What You Do

You commit to email your mailing list on the day the cross promotion starts.

You also need to share the promo through your social channels. Think of it this way, every new person you reach with your mailing and sharing means a new download and thus a subscriber to your mailing list. Find out how Author Cross Promotions work.

Remember too that you’re now part of a supportive unit of authors all after the same thing: book promotion. So, everyone pulling their weight means the wagon WILL move! Don’t underestimate the power of all those participating authors. The impact is awesome!

What You Get

You will receive a copy of all the entrants to the competition. Thus a super-fast way to grow your mailing list!

See a copy of how the contest will look, this is from a multi-genre competition.

Sci-Fi Sub Genres

  • Any Sci-Fi genre is welcome in this promotion, as well as Futurism and Dystopian fiction.

Promotion Dates

This promotion will run from late April throughout May. We will send you details of the landing page by early April.


  • 1 x Premium Genre Advert + Book Bundle Giveaway + Cross Promotion = £60 SOLD OUT
  • 1 x Standard Genre Book Giveaway + Cross Promotion = £30

Boost Your Booking

  • Sidebar rotating banner (200 x 200px) = £10.
  • On page banner advert (700 x 90px) = £15.

Book Hub Gold Members

If you have PAID for a Book Hub Gold Membership, you get a free banner advert. We will automatically copy your Author Subscribe Advert and add it as a rotating sidebar banner on the promotion, so make sure your advert is current and has the correct link. You DO NOT have to do anything.

* You will have to pay to get the genre entry list.

If you would like to make use of one of your free Membership submissions for this promotion, please e-mail us at including the name of the promotion and your voucher code.

Please do NOT use your Pen Name when making this booking. We need to know who the real person is that is making this booking.
Please provide a link for your book cover so we can use the book image in our book bundle graphic and on the landing page. The link can be from your book on Book Hub or Amazon.
Premium or Standard
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