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Do you long for a good laugh, a story that makes you feel good?

Book Hub is giving away exclusive review copies of the second in Kerrie Noor’s Belly Dancing and Beyond series- along with the chance of a free review copy of the third before it is released at the end of the year.

If you like romantic comedy with a twist,then maybe you have found the next book for you to enjoy.

The Downfall of a Belly Dancer

Is the second book in Kerrie Noor’s Belly Dancing and Beyond series-comic tales set in a small town in Scotland. Stories about women who belly danced with the great Nefertiti and lived to tell the tale. Stories of woman whose lives have changed because they belly danced and lived to spread the word.

Stories for women who love to laugh, believe in romance but like it served with a bit of reality.

Nefertiti’s story is a story of rejection, her life is sinking into the Scottish sunset…

At one time, she ran a troupe of belly dancers, now she has three reluctant pupils. Zumba has stormed into Argyll and taken all her gigs. Her diary is as empty as her class and Nefertiti can’t cope.

Disappointed, Nefertiti turns to Rodger her ‘rock’, mentor and partner, but he has other plans and has retreated into his shed. And Nefertiti is desperate to find out why…


If you love The Downfall of a Belly Dancer you are welcome to remain on the Kerrie's email list to read and review the third in the series- Four Takeaways and a Funeral. The third book is due out January 2018 and you could be one of those readers, to preview a copy before publication. Take a chance, try belly dancing, you may find a world you don’t want to leave.

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