Free Young Adult Fantasy Review Copy ~ Seer of Souls

Free Young Adult Fantasy Review Copy


Do you love Young Adult Novels spiced with Fantasy and Mythology? Great, this coming of age story is ideal for you!

Seer of Souls

The Spirit Shield Saga is a Young Adult Mythology series. Demi god siblings battle for control of the souls of the world, because he who controls the souls of the dead control the souls of the living.

Seer of Souls is the Dante Rossetti Grand Prize winner for best young adult fiction of 2016, Chanticleer reviews ( Seer of Souls also won the first place ribbon for best young adult mythology of 2016's competition.

Book two is Soul Sanctuary and picks up on the second twin, Avery's coming of age journey.

In book three, Soul Sacrifice, the twins take on their sisters for ultimate control of the souls of the dead.

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